Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've been so sick

As soon as we got back from Atlantic City on the 10th I knew I was coming down with something. Little did I know it was going to last THIS long!

Fortunately we didn't have work on Monday the 11th in honor of Veteran's Day which I was able to spend with my favorite veteran.

And then the beginning of drugging myself up on cough and cold medicine began...

Along with bundling up and covering up my head because the temperatures began to drop.

The ex signed the kids up for Winter track without consulting me so I got the November track schedule on Wednesday. I'll see what I can do but I'm not leaving work early for practices that I didn't even sign the kids up for.

At least the weekday practices are indoors

Thursday I dropped the kiddos off at school and then hung out at Starbucks for a little bit before I had to go back and pick up my daughter from school for her first dermatologist appointment.

She has been battling teenage acne and we've tried so many products that I told her I'd make an appointment for her to see a professional.

Ahhhhh.... teeneagers!

The parking lot at my metro stop is being overrun by birds. It's truly disgusting. Especially what they do to my car all day while I'm at work.

End of the week selfie I took - still hanging in there with a horrible nighttime cough.

Friday night eats - CHIPOTLE!

Last Saturday was packet pick up for our 10K. A Lululemon store just happened to be right next door. 

It was my first time inside of one. Most of the clothes are soooooo nice. You can definitely tell the quality is good. Therefore most of the clothes are soooooo expensive. Lululemon clothes should be my "treats" to myself when I hit certain weight loss goals!

Sunday morning hubby had to leave for training down in Florida. Sunday night the kiddos went back to their dad's for the week. I picked up a little something for myself:

The cough is getting worse and worse.

Faking it - feeling awful but headed to work Monday morning

Even though I was feeling terrible I forced myself to the gym Monday during lunch. Panic was starting to set in that my 10K was fast approaching and I hadn't been able to run or exercise in over a week! 

I got in a 30 minute treadmill walk.

And then proceeded to go home that night and scarf down a bag of this scrumptiousness! 

I initially tried to be good about it and measure out an actual serving size...

But that didn't work out too well for me. That whole bag was gone before the night was over.

Note to self - do not open anymore of these bags when I am home alone.

My daughter sent me a text with "Part 1" of her Christmas List. It includes iTunes and Amazon gift cards along with a $100 bill and a new phone case and an iPad case with stand. TEENAGERS! Whew - expensive taste!

I was up most of the night Monday night with my cough so I dragged myself to a Patient First Tuesday morning to have my cough checked out.

Yep - me - in my gown - that I found out was on backwards! 

The Dr gave me the "good" cough medicine to take at night to help me sleep. I didn't need antibiotics and it appears to just be a viral cough?!? 

All shampooed up and ready to go back to work

Have you seen the Bitstrips floating around the internet? Here's one I made for myself while I was home sick and bored.

You would think that after being sick over a week I would have lost some weight. Only a one pound loss for me for Thursday morning's weigh-in. Which brings my grand total on Weight Watchers to just -0.2 lbs lost since I GAINED 0.8 lbs my second week on the plan.

I downloaded a new app to my phone called Moves. It tracks your steps. It's semi-accurate. It will have to do until I get my FitBit. I'm really thinking about biting the bullet and getting one.

In addition I'd really like to get my Polar heart rate monitor fixed. This Garmin measures calories burned at such a lower rate than the Polar. Which may not entirely be a bad thing - seeing as I won't be earning as many Weight Watchers Activity Points to eat.

Thursday I was feeling up to attempting a treadmill run pre-10K race.

It was a struggle but I really need to do it for myself from a mental standpoint with my race so close.

Thursday's step count

Friday I did a 30 minute pre-10K walk. I didn't get in the workouts I wanted to prior to my 10K but I did what I could.

Friday night I came home to a box. I had forgotten I had ordered this bracelet. Guess it's time to really start shopping for other people for Christmas and to stop shopping for myself!

Saturday morning we were up at 4:30 for our race. I did better than I expected considering I was still sick! I finished my first 10K in 1:11!!

1:11:18 official time

I didn't move much out of the recliner the rest of the day. Hubby went tothe Commissary for the grocery shopping for the week to include Thanksgiving. That night we stayed in and just rented movies.

Sunday I was feeling better and able to get up and move around and not cough as much either. I went to the grocery store to pick up some items hubby didn't get and he started bringing up the Christmas decorations!

The kids came back from their dad's. He had her blow dried and flat-ironed. My baby girl is growing up so fast!

Monday morning I was up bright and early to get in a ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit dvd. Gotta focus on these arms!

Even though I had brought my lunch to work I still put in an order for a Jimmy John's unwich with the rest of the office since they were buying. I'm sure the lack of bread helped keep the WW Points down but 11 points for just a sandwich? Wow!

It sure was good though!

Each day I'm starting to feel a little better. I sure hope this was my one big sickness for the season and the rest of the winter I can stay healthy!

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