Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Things I've Tried

Last week I tried this new to me Chobani flavor. I love anything with nuts in it and I enjoyed them in the flip - but I wasn't crazy about the chia seeds and hemp seeds. I think it was a texture thing for me.

I haven't had a Lime-A-Rita in awhile. I was out of my usual Bud Light Lime so I had one of these instead. For calorie and tracking purposes it's always easier for me to drink a bottle or can of something rather than trying to estimate a wine or alcohol pour.

My Polar Heart Rate Monitor is dying on me so I've been trying to use the Garmin. The calorie count on it is depressingly low compared to the Polar though.

46 calories for 36 minutes of ChaLean Extreme? Say it isn't so!!

I had to go back to my lighter weights for my restart of ChaLean Extreme. My poor muscles just aren't as strong as they used to be.

My Beachbody coach sent me some Shakeology samples awhile back. I drank the tropical right away and it was pretty good. I tried this Vanilla one and I could taste chemicals/metal? But I am loving the almond coconut milk I bought. 

I've started running outside during my lunch break at work. 

THIS kettlecorn is highly addictive! OMG! It is so good - my son and I couldn't stop eating it! GOod thing we're the only two people in the family that are nuts for chocolate. 

Thursday's weigh-in was a bust. Only lost .2 lbs. Frustrating.

We're hosting hubby's family for Thanksgiving so I've been doing some research for the menu and decorations. 

The kiddos went trick or treating with their friends so I was "stuck" at the nearby shopping center waiting on them.

NOT my basement! Pic my daughter sent me of them from their friend's house

So while I was "stuck" at the shopping center waiting for the kiddos I did a little shopping at Loft. I got 10 tops for less than $200! 

I hold onto a lot of my clothes longer than I should so now I'm going to really try to stick to the rule that if I don't wear an item I need to donate it or throw it away.  

And a little peek into the bag...

The kiddos cleaned up as far as trick-or-treating goes. Initially I just ate these two pieces of candy.

But that Reese's was so darn good I had to beg my son for one more. Personally that may be a record for me - only eating 3 pieces of candy on Halloween night.

I made him put the rest of his candy up in his room so I wouldn't be tempted. I don't have to worry about my daughter's candy - she always trades out her chocolate and only has the stuff I really don't like.

Friday was opening day for registration for the half marathon I want to run next year. I signed up and it's official - I'm running my first half in April 2014!  

One of my old shirts I got around to wearing - and it is cute too! I love the detailing. 

Noodles and Company meal with the kiddos. I REALLY wanted the pasta but with the calorie counts posted on the menu board - The Med sandwich and chicken noodle soup were the best choices.

And finally - hubby had to work this weekend and the neighbors were winterizing the sprinkler systems. I had no idea what they were doing at all but thank goodness for their kindness in getting it done for me!

What in the world? Right? 

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