Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve, Day and Day After

 Big hair, don't care. Pre-Christmas Eve...

I tried a day of tracking on my Weight Watchers App and on MyFitness Pal App. I went over on both...

On Christmas Eve the whole family donned antlers and we baked cookies.

It even snowed briefly.

Jumping for joy

Silly kids...

Christmas morning...

He wanted a frozen yogurt machine so badly!

The North Face jacket she wanted!

Can you tell he loves the Ravens?

A hot dog and bun toasting machine!

An RG III jersey for me!

The aftermath.

My mini-me

After unwrapping presents and then eating breakfast the kids had to go back to their dad's house for the rest of their break.

Hubby and I then drove up to Delaware to spend the rest of the day with his family. We had a good time. After everyone else left - hubby and I stayed at his parents house and drank wine and played the game "Heads Up" with his parents. We stayed up pretty late hanging out with them. It was so fun!

The next morning hubby brought us to his friends' coffee shop. We got to see the coffee roasting process from start to finish. It was pretty cool!  

Stirring up the roasted coffee beans!

All packaged up!

On the drive home hubby and I were STARVING! We stopped at McD's and I ate a Big Mac. It was good too! I can't remember the last time I had one of those!

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a FitBit Flex. So far I've really only been able to monitor my sleeping because I haven't worked out. I've caught ANOTHER daggone cold and have been coughing like crazy since Sunday's football game.

I am so frustrated that I'm sick again - for me and hubby's winter Staycation. My half marathon training is supposed to start on Monday too. 

This morning's weigh-in has me holding steady still from last week - no gain, no loss. I'm good with that. I just don't want a gain for the holidays. The FitBit syncs with MyFitness Pal so I'll probably cancel Weight Watchers and go back to tracking calories for the New Year.

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