Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Last Thursday's weigh-in I lost 0 pounds. I didn't gain either. I am still 1.2 pounds above my starting Weight-Watchers weight. I'm taking this as a win for me because I haven't been tracking or getting in much exercise.

So after the weigh-in I get to work and the office building is having a holiday buffet. Lovely. I didn't resist. I ate. Sausage patty, potatoes, eggs, a mini cinnamon roll, a mini blueberry muffin, and fruit salad. Can anyone say lack of willpower? Lovely.

And then if breakfast wasn't bad enough - it was also the day of our office holiday luncheon. They chose an Italian restaurant in Georgetown. 

My boss ordered plenty of appetizers for the table. I had a few and then ordered the salmon for myself. I REALLY wanted some pasta but I figured I didn't need the carbs.

One of my co-workers gave me this adorable iPhone holder for my desk.

Another one of my co-workers gave everyone an 8 piece box of Godiva chocolates. Mine was gone in 2 days. Lack of willpower strikes again.

So Friday morning I did try to start the day off right and eat a greek yogurt. This new flavor from Yoplait is my new favorite. I hope the other grocery stores get a hold if it too instead of just Target! 

The weekend was awesome!

Friday night hubby and I had a date night and grabbed a drink and split an appetizer before heading to the movies. We sad Madea's new holiday movie and it was HILARIOUS!

Saturday we got up and went our separate ways for some Christmas shopping. We then met in the afternoon for a beer and some lunch.

We went our separate ways again to finish our shopping and then met back at home to get everything wrapped!

THEN we went out for ANOTHER date night - two in one weekend for the win!

We went bowling sans children.

The first game I kicked booty!

The second game I lost but was still ahead overall.

But geez - the third game I fell apart. Hubby ended up creaming me by about 100 points! It didn't help that he barely had any open frames in that last game. My arm was pretty tired for the third game. I'm blaming it on my lack of weightlifting. I've ordered Beachbody's P90X3 to help rectify this. My challenge group starts January 6th.

My boss gave us tickets to the Redskins vs Cowboys game on Sunday. Of course the weather on Saturday while we were running around shopping was in the mid-70s. The weather for Sunday - still warm but rainy. My sweet hubby bought me this jacket for the game to help me stay dry. 

And here we are in antlers again. I guess it's the thing to give out for all December events you attend.

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