Monday, December 23, 2013

Last 5K for the Year

After my 10K and lingering cough - I REALLY haven't gotten in many runs at all. 

Here was a little lunchtime treadmill action

The following day was Weigh-In Day and I managed a 2.4 pound loss! But that loss still left me 1.2 pounds OVER my starting Weight Watchers weigh-in!

You would have thought that would have motivated me to get in some more workouts or even track my food more consistently. But no - that didn't happen. At all.

Friday the 13th I did another 30 minute lunchtime treadmill run to kind of prepare myself for my last Fort Meade 5K run of the year.  

Saturday hubby ran the 5K too - even though he REALLY didn't want to. It was the last one in the 2013 series I had paid for. I wanted my time to be in the 31:00 range because my previous 5K there in October was 32:31. But alas that did not happen. 

Yes we ran the whole 5K in the antlers they gave out

So although I didn't END the race with the time I wanted. I impressed myself with my Mile 1 Split time! 

Post race photo

That evening we took the kids back up on base for bowling. Here's mini me sporting my coat, hat and purse - lookin just like her mama!

Photo collage from the bowling alley

Sunday the kids started our first batch of Christmas cookies. We made chocolate chip (yes - Nestle had red and green chocolate chips). The kiddos and I started the batch and then hubby finished making them while I drove the kids back to their dad's house (darn custody schedule interfering in our cookie baking).

I've been reading a few fashion blogs and fashion Instagram accounts lately. Here's a picture of me and my attempt at being a little fashionable and trying some pattern mixing. 

Last week my son had to have eye surgery. The ex-husband told me the wrong time to be at the hospital. Fortunately I had planned accordingly and got there earlier than what he had told me. If I would have arrived at the hospital at the time he told me to I would have missed all the prep work. What a jerk! 

What a cutie

Last week's Mega Millions got ridiculously high! 

I didn't win though. I won a whopping dollar! 

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