Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Last week was COLD! I had to pull out the heavy duty winter hat!

Tuesday during lunch I got on the treadmill for a 30 minute jog/walk.  

On the way home I tortured the kids with my singing. To Christmas carols! BEFORE Thanksgiving! Such an evil mom.

Wednesday the photo proofs from our 10K came out. This was one of my better pictures. I'm going to go ahead and order it.

My office closed early Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving and the kids didn't have school as part of their Thanksgiving break so I went home and picked them up for lunch. We went to The Greene Turtle. Then they went to dinner with their dad (tee-hee - I purposely stuffed them pre-dad-dinner because he was being a jerk and insisted he HAD to pick them up earlier than his scheduled time).

We decorated the tree when they got home from dinner.

Thursday morning - Thanksgiving - was my weigh-in day. Geezums - I gained 2.4 pounds. In one week. I have officially gained 2.2 pounds since I started Weight Watchers. Who DOES that?!?!

Hubby wanted to cook the turkey. He saw a recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine for a bacon wrapped turkey.   

It turned out delicious! 

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. In addition to the four of us we had one of my friends, hubby's parents and hubby's brother and sis-in-law with their 3 kids under the age of 5! 

We had tons of food. I don't have any pics though. I went electronics free for the Holiday.

Friday morning I woke up and got in a workout before my nail appointment. I did a ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit workout and a TurboFire HIIT workout.

Followed by a protein shake. Gotta try to get back on track post-Thanksgiving!

Friday evening the four of us headed out. Hubby told mini me he would buy here a new pair of Jordans that she really wanted so we all trekked out to the mall. He's such a softie!

After the mall we went bowling.

The first game was my best game and then it went downhill from there. I am the "M" for "Mom" with the score of 151 - ending the game with 4 strikes in a row! I was on a roll! 

Saturday morning hubby and I were up bright and early for my Doctor's Appointment.

I had to have a chest x-ray done with that awful dye! Yuck!

The rest of the day was a pretty lazy day for us - including a Wii tournament with the kiddos.

We went to my favorite - Red Robin for dinner. While we waited for our table we walked around the shopping center and got a family picture in front of the huge Christmas Tree they were getting ready to light.  

Sunday was another low key day to include laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping and a Target run - in which I actually stuck to my list! For dinner we had Thanksgiving leftovers again and then proceeded to throw out almost all of the remaining leftovers. Hubby will use the rest of the turkey for his sandwiches this week but I'm ready to get back on track with my Weight Watchers tracking.

The Washington Redskins played the Sunday night football game and I stayed up way too late watching it. It was almost midnight by the time I got in the bed. Hubby only lasted until halftime because he has to get up so freaking early to get ready for work (4:45am). And now tonight I'll be up late yet again watching my other team - the Seattle Seahawks play on Monday night football!


  1. That race day picture of you came out great! Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving too. :)

    1. Thanks Angela! I still need to order the actual pictures!