Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tis the Season for Weight Gain and Excuses

Greetings! It's been awhile! The holidays get so busy that there hardly seems time to get everything done. Christmas is exactly two weeks from today! My daughter's Christmas shopping is DONE. My son's is barely started. 

Sunday December 1st I got back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon. I was determined to start tracking and exercising again since I had fallen off after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday I got in a 30 minute treadmill run. It was slow, but I got it done!

I've been paying $10/month for an itunes workout app I downloaded called the Daily Burn that I have yet to use over the past 2 months that I've had it. When I logged on to cancel the account of course they came up with a special discounted rate of only $5 for the month of December so I fell for it and renewed. Now I actually have to build some of the workouts into my workout calendar.

Monday night I came home to my second Be Nice Box. Last month I failed miserably and didn't get anything on the list done since I was so sick most of the month. This month I'm determined to get some of these December projects in and maybe some of the November ones that I missed.

The past couple of weeks I've been on this mission to maintain my Starbucks Gold Level status so I've been buying a lot more coffee than I usually do. At least the holiday flavors are out and I always order the "skinny" versions.

Tuesday morning I had a Dr appt. It was a follow-up to some tests I had run. Without getting into too much detail - I had been a little stressed out about what the preliminary results showed but this follow-up was 100% in the opposite direction and it was a big relief to find out that everything was fine with me. 

Wednesday I got in two workouts! A morning workout to include TurboFire and ChaLean Extreme dvds.  

Then at lunchtime I hopped on the treadmill for another 30 minute run.

Thursday morning's weigh-in showed ANOTHER gain. I gained 1.4 pounds over the course of the week. Now I am officially 3.6 pounds HEAVIER than when I started Weight Watchers! WTF?!?

I had a ton of work to do on Thursday so I stayed at my desk all day, I didn't break to eat breakfast. Bad - I know. I didn't take a break to eat a snack. Even worse - I know. I finally got so hungry to include a hunger headache - that I ran across the street and grabbed a huge salad to eat while I worked.

I ended the week with another 30 minute run on Friday and took 30 seconds off of my average pace from Monday!

After work on Friday I had to find a dress for hubby's work Holiday party on Saturday. Yes - the next day. We weren't sure until Monday if hubby was actually going to be in town for it and I didn't want to buy a dress if he wasn't going to be.

I didn't get home til almost 9pm and I was starving. I pulled these veggie burgers out of the freezer since it was just me for dinner that night.

Let me tell you. They were AWFUL! One of the most disgusting things I've tried to eat in quite awhile. I only lasted 3 bites and then had to throw it out - along with the rest of the box. Yuck!

Saturday morning I woke up early and did our grocery shopping.

Intriguing... but not enough for me to actually buy them

After the grocery store I had to hurry and do my hair and pack a bag so I could get on the road up to Delaware to meet hubby for his Holiday party. He was already up there from Friday for Drill Weekend.

The party was nice. I drank more than I had planned and when I went to account for the drinks in my WW tracker I got depressed for using so many points on alcohol.

My new reading material came in on Monday...

I took off from work on Monday to hang out with hubby for his birthday. He didn't want to do much so we lounged around and watched "Scandal" and an ABC Family movie in the dvr. Yes - wild. I know. That's how we roll sometimes.

After school I picked up the kiddos. Hubby wanted pizza for his birthday dinner so we had that and wings - in addition to ice cream for dessert. Can anyone say - yes you're out of WW points - probably for the rest of the month since you haven't exercised in 3 days!!

Tuesday morning school and work were both cancelled due to snow. Hubby had to get up and off to base early before it started so the kids and I hung out all day watching more stuff in the dvr and then playing in the snow for a little while.

They warmed up with these hot chocolate k-cups. They said they were really good too.

I was on-line a lot - clearing out a bunch of junk emails and sorting through blogs to read and unsubscribing to others. I hadn't been on Bloglovin in over a week so it was overflowing with unread blogs. I think I've narrowed it down a bit and in the process realized that I need to post more often so I can keep the updates shorter. It takes a lot of time to read through a bunch of long-winded blogs! 

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