Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...There's Always Tomorrow

I haven't posted in FOREVER - okay really - I haven't posted since the end of October. One reason I haven't posted is lack of time. I struggle with trying to make a consistent effort to update my blog on a regular basis. But it may not so much be figuring out the time to do it - but maybe because it is the lack of progress I feel I am making.

I feel like I had the working out part under control for awhile. I was running regularly and cross training in between run days. But then I started having issues with my knee so I cut back on the running. And then for some reason I cut back on the cross training days too.

I honestly have just never had my eating and drinking under control. I have tried tracking with MyFitness Pal for years and I'm back on Weight Watchers (again). But I never really hold myself accountable with consistent tracking. If I have a "bad" meal - I don't track it. Or if I have a "cheat day" - I definitely don't track it. I know I can't keep slacking on the nutrition part of my plan and think that I am going to lose weight. All of the extra calories I consume and not track, accompanied with my dwindling workouts are slowly catching up to me.

Sunday night (November 30th) I had a whole new workout plan for December mapped out for myself and I swore I was going to track all of my food. Monday morning rolled around and I was too sleepy to get up and do a morning workout, I worked through my lunch break, I ate a croissant at lunch with the healthy meal I packed, and then I got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home from work so hubby ordered pizza and I poured myself a drink when I walked through the door. No workout. No foods tracked. Happy December 1st to me.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mini Vacation

Wednesday morning hubby and I left for our mini vacation. I weighed in a day early and was thrilled to see such a big loss for the week right before vacation.  

We had free airline tickets we had to use by the end of the month so we went to Ft Lauderdale.

The weather unfortunately didn't cooperate. It was dreary and rainy all 3 days we were there but we still had a blast.

View from our balcony

I love traveling with my husband. We always manage to have a good time no matter the circumstances. We're very much alike in the way we travel - we're both very laid back and not too schedule-happy.  

Have I ever mentioned how compulsive hubby is about clean cars? Well he is and we have a monthly membership to a local car wash place so he can keep the cars clean. He takes my car at least once a week and his own 2-3 times a week.

The first stop on our way home from the airport was to the carwash. I told you someone was compulsive...

My "babies" went to their first Homecoming Dance over the weekend. I can't believe how fast they're growing up.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Another catching-up post

Geez I wish I could get the hang of blogging more often!

October has been crazy busy. Two weeks ago the family and I went to a free event in Baltimore to see various Dance Crews compete. It was a lot of fun. I love when the four of us can get out of the house and experience different things together.

The next day I had a couple of my long-time girlfriends and their families over to our house for lunch. We hadn't seen each other in FOREVER and we all live right in this area (ok - one JUST moved back after being gone for 2 years).

I have been friends with these ladies for 29 years!

Hubby and I got to go to the Redskins vs Seahawks Monday night football game which was a blast. Especially since Seattle won! 

Excuse the grainy picture - my friend took it on her new phone and her photos come out weird.

Photo-bombed by the guy in the row behind us.

She was not happy the Redskins were losing.

Hubby and I also woke up in the wee hours of the morning last Sunday to run the Army 10-Miler.

My race was less than stellar. I'd been having knee pains all month and hadn't run further than 6 miles since the end of September. My goal was just to finish the 10 Miles and not get swept off the course. 

I succeeded! I by chance met up with one of my friends and her running buddy in our corral and the three of us ran/walked the whole 10 miles together.

This past weekend I spent mostly shopping with my teens while hubby was away for work. My son has outgrown all of the jeans I just bought him in August so he needed more and my daughter needed a Homecoming dress. Finding an age-appropriate dress for her was almost mission possible! 

I spent way more money this weekend than I wanted to - especially since hubby and I are going on a mini-vacation on Wednesday - but we'll still have a fun, low-key time.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weight Watchers Works

Yesterday's weigh-in had me down .4 pounds for the week which is amazing considering I was up almost 2 lbs on Monday after my birthday weekend festivities. That's the thing I like about Weight Watchers - I can have my splurges and still stay within the plan. As long as I record every bite and stay within my points I feel like I can have success with Weight Watchers. This time around I am consciously making better food decisions   Plus this time I'm recording my FitBit steps for Activity Points. 

Yesterday we had an office lunch and I looked at the menu on-line before we went. I knew that a salad or the salmon would be my best bet. And I stuck with it - I had the salmon and asparagus. I REALLY wanted a burger but I knew we were having pizza for dinner so I wanted to balance it out. 

Tonight we went to Uno's for dinner. I really indulged but I tracked every point. Let's just say I used almost all of my weeklies. I've got a lot of activity points to earn over the next 4 days!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy October

It's been over two weeks since my last blog post. Nice.

Since my last post I have been keeping up with my #workitout100 challenge. I'm on Day 53 so far. Some days I was only able to include my FitBit steps as that day's activity and some days I did actually take plain ole rest days.

I had a birthday on Sunday. I turned 46 - which now makes me closer to 50 than to 40 so that was an interesting reality for me. Turning 40 felt fabulous. Turning 46 was kind of meh... But wait until the 50th though - I'm going to throw myself a blow-out for that one.

My running hasn't been coming along as I would have liked. My left knee has been giving me issues lately. I think it's the darn ballet flats I've been wearing on the weekends trying to look cute.

The Army 10 Miler is in 10 days and I don't know how I'm going to get through it. The longest distance I've run since my half marathon in April was the 6 miles I ran a week and a half ago. And then after the 10 miler I foolishly signed up for another half - in November - reasoning with myself that since I was training to run 10 miles in October - surely I could do 13.1 miles in November. Oh silly me.

This month I downloaded Blogilates' paid app. I'm going to try to follow October's complete schedule as closely as I can. I know that if I want to see changes in my body I really need to switch things up. Obviously the running thing is not helping me lose any weight. I also rejoined Weight Watchers On Line. My Fitness Pal wasn't giving me results counting calories so now I'm going to give another try to counting points. 

Last week we bought the plane tickets to travel home to Seattle for Christmas and I really would like to be 10 pounds lighter by then - not only for vanity's sake but also so I can fit comfortably back into my winter clothes. I refuse to buy any pants the next size up so I have got to get it together with slimming down this booty and this waistline!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 09.12 to 09.14

Friday morning while getting ready for work I received a phone call from hubby. He wouldn't be home that night as expected - he was being delayed one more day and wouldn't be home until Saturday night. I was disappointed but just glad that he was safe and would still be coming home for part of the weekend.

The only workout I did for Friday was suggested by my friend Analisa. I only lasted about 15 minutes through it though. I posted this picture on my Instagram:

Day 34 of my #workitout100

to which she commented that she had thrown up when she had done it! lol I think I would have thrown up too IF I would have been able to complete the whole thing.

Saturday morning I woke up and drove into DC for packet pick-up for the Navy 5 Miler race on Sunday. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to run it though since hubby would be coming in late Saturday evening but I still wanted my t-shirt since I had paid for it with my registration.

Packet pick-up was at Nationals Stadium. The line was so long and for part of the time we were stuck waiting in line outside in the rain! Pretty frustrating. 

I had bought an Amtrak ticket to Philly on Saturday morning so I could surprise hubby at the airport and drive him the 2 hours back home because I knew he would be exhausted from traveling 20 hours. (Hubby works in Delaware and they all had to fly out as a group - his flights had to go through Philly instead of our closest airport in Baltimore because Philly is the closest airport to his job.) 

Day 35 of my #workitout100 was the walking around the airport
I did waiting on hubby's flight to arrive

I felt like such a big girl - buying a one-way spur-of-the-moment train ticket to a city I had never been to, taking the train on my own and then cabbing it to the airport.

I arrived at the airport about an hour before his flight arrived. I had baggage claim all scoped out and the perfect hiding spot behind a pay phone. Unfortunately he came down a different escalator than I had expected and he got his luggage and was on his way to the car while I was still "hiding". Luckily I had texted him asking if he had his luggage yet and he replied that he did and was now searching for his car. I freaked out momentarily with thoughts of getting left in the Philly airport so I had to call him and let him know "I'm here! Surprise!" via the phone.

Even though my surprise didn't go as I had planned - he was still really surprised to see me and very grateful that he didn't have to drive himself the 2 hours home because he was exhausted.

Since we got back home so late and hubby's time clock was still on Germany time, I passed on getting up early and running the Navy 5 Miler. Instead I ran my own 5 miler at the base while hubby went to get his haircut and do the grocery shopping!      

#workitout100 Day 36

The weather was awesome for my run! It was still in the high 60s. I am definitely a colder weather runner. I HATE running in the heat. The cold - I don't mind so much.

After my run I met up with hubby at the commissary and from there we had to go to a real grocery store for produce. I've had too many bad experiences with produce being/going bad from the commissary. But everything else is a really great deal there. 

We got home in time to watch football. I can't believe my Redskins WON and my Seahawks LOST. I felt like I was in an alternate NFL universe. Hubby put some bacon cheddar filled burgers on the grill for us for lunch. The burgers were so big that we stayed too full to eat the meat loaf I had cooked for Sunday dinner since the teens would be back from their dad's house. They said it was good though. So at least tonight's dinner is already taken care of.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

One More Sleep

Tomorrow my hubby will be home from his 3 week work trip that was out of the country. I am so excited for him to be back on American soil again but I am even more excited to have him home with me again.

My husband is my best friend and I always miss him when we are apart but this trip has been the longest we've been apart since his last deployment over a year ago.

My kids kept me busy and entertained while they were with me but because I have joint custody with my ex-husband and the way the calendar fell - I ended up being home by myself quite a bit.

There are so many little and big things I've missed about my husband. The number one thing is that every night he makes me laugh before I fall asleep. I'm not fond of the dark so it's been hard for me to fall sleep each night because I'm always hearing some kind of noise.

Some of the other things I have missed about my husband (in no particular order)

  • Our evening conversations. Each night after work we usually sit down together and recap our work day to each other.
  • Cooking and eating dinner together.
  • Watching mindless TV together. We can sit and watch episode after episode of "Cops" together. I'm really glad he's back before our favorite show "Scandal" comes back on.
  • Watching football together. Even though he's a Ravens fan and I'm a Seahawks (and a Redskins fan) - we always watch Sunday football together. In the past we've even set 2 tvs side by side so that we could each watch our respective games but yet be in the same room as one another.
  • Grocery shopping together. Yes we're weird - we like to grocery shop together.
  • Training runs together. Although we don't run "together" side by side - we drive to the base and run our own separate routes - occasionally even passing each other before meeting back up at the car at a specified time.
  • He actually cleans. Yes, I got me a rare one! He does laundry, cleans bathrooms, vacuums, mops... he does it all. I on the other hand don't really care for those things but only do them when they HAVE to be done. So yes - keeping up with all the housework on my own has been quite challenging for me. 
  • My car hasn't been washed since he's been gone. My husband loves clean cars - his and mine. We have a monthly membership at a car wash for unlimited car washes. At least once a weekend hubby will take my car to be washed. He's going to cringe when he sees my car. 
  • "Date Nights". Once or twice a month hubby and I will plan a date night. It's been over 3 weeks since we've had one of those. 
  • Holding hands, hugs and kisses. Hubby and I are both affectionate people. We hold hands when we walk, we kiss each other hi and goodbye each day and he gives the best hugs when I really need one. I can't wait to do all 3 when I see him!
  • Hearing him tell me every day that he loves me. Over the past 3 weeks we've been able to Facetime 2 or 3 times but for the most part it has been emails and iMessages. I miss hearing his voice telling me that he loves me.
  • Looking into his blue eyes. Hubby has the most beautiful blue eyes and I love looking into them when we're talking. It's just not the same through FaceTime.
  • Just being silly together. Hubby and I have the best time together. We can joke and be silly with each other and I just plain ole' have missed that over these past 3 weeks.
There are so many other things I miss about my hubby but these are just some of the things off the top of my head.

I truly respect the work my husband does on a daily basis. I love that about him - his commitment to this country - but I am ready for him to be home with me for a little while now. I'll still share him with my country - but can we do it within the United States for the next little while? Please and thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some New to Me Eats

Funny how I just posted yesterday that I wasn't going to only post about health and fitness and that's exactly what today's post is going to be about.

I tried this new-to-me Chobani Oats yogurt. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never even tried overnight oats but this was really good. It was definitely more yogurt-y than oat-y. If you have food texture issues this may not be for you. I would definitely buy it again and now I'm actually inspired to try making my own at home. 

When I got home from work I changed out of my work clothes right away and put on my workout clothes. I'm going really strong this time around with my #workitout100 Challenge. I am on Day 31 in a row of working out. This is my 3rd attempt - and the furthest I've gotten with this challenge and I am determined to complete all 100 days. Who knows - maybe after 100 days I'll try for their 365 day challenge! 

Last night's workout was from my favorite fitness duo over at FitnessBlender. They have put together a 5 Day Challenge and last night I was on Day 3 which was HIIT (or you could choose the modified cardio version) and Abs. The entire workout was 52 minutes. I wanted to quit at about 20 minutes but I pushed through and was very proud of myself for doing so. I really felt like I had an awesome workout when I was finished. 

After my workout I needed to figure out my dinner situation. I was flying solo with hubby still out of the country and the teens at their dad's so I knew I could experiment a little more than usual. I had been staring at this big of farro in my pantry for weeks and figured this would be as good of time as any to cook it. There was a recipe on the side of the bag that I pretty much followed except I substituted a sweet potato for the apple that the recipe called for. I don't know - there was just something about an apple in a recipe with onion and sausage that didn't appeal to me. The entire cooking time was a little longer than I expected but it was worth it. I suspect my substitution of the sweet potato for the apple is what took a little longer for everything to cook. I did really like the taste of the farro - so much so that I would find myself eating little spoonfuls straight out of the pot while I waited for the onion and sweet potato mixture to finish cooking.    

Ooops - onion not pictured

I should have measured out my serving - but I didn't. I had a bowlful and then that was so good I helped myself to a second bowl. That's my problem with not tracking my food. When I track my food I do a better job of controlling myself and my portions. When I don't track my food - well... overeating occurs.

Back to MyFitness Pal I go.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reflections During My Time Alone

Hubby has been out of the country for work for almost three weeks. I had big ideas for all the projects and things to do around the house that I was going to accomplish while he was away. None of that happened.

Instead I found myself wasting a lot of time on my social media accounts when I was by myself. When the teens were with me at home I stayed busy with the normal stuff of keeping up the house, running them around, helping them with their homework and also just hanging out with them. But when the teens were at their father's house I found myself frequently checking in on all my social media accounts instead of tackling the projects I thought I would get accomplished. Looking back I believe that in order for me to deal with the loneliness of being in the house by myself I would "interact" with my real life and internet friends each evening through social media. This morning as I looked back at my to-do list and realized how much time I had wasted over the past few weeks - I decided I wanted to make some changes. 

  1. I'm going to cut back on my social media time. I could have been so much more productive over the past couple of weeks. I don't have a set time limit yet but I do know I want to reprioritize my social media time vs the other projects I want to accomplish.
  2. I am going to focus more on updating my own blog before I get caught up on everyone else's blog through my bloglovin feed.
  3. I'm going to change the focus of my blog. Initially this blog was going to be my journal for getting and staying fit as a 40-something year old mom. I have the exercise part of my journey down for now - but there is so much more to me than just working out every day. My drafts folder is full of unfinished posts that I started and never completed because they weren't fitness related. Well now I am going to go back to finishing up some of those posts and hitting publish on them. The direction of this blog is going to focus on my journey, my thoughts, my feelings. I'm not a fitness expert, I'm not a fashionista, I'm not crafty - but I am a married 40-something year old working mom who has some things to share. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The End of Summer

Summer break officially ended today for my twin teens. Today was their "transition day" for high school. Ninth graders had to go to school today for the whole day - the rest of the students in the county start tomorrow.

Hubby left yesterday for a work trip. He'll be out of the country for a little less than three weeks. The twin teens are at their dad's this week so the house is eerily quiet.

After work I got my nails, toes and brows done. Then I came home and got in my first formal workout since last week. My aim was to get to 10K steps.

Now it's time to get back to organized, scheduled workouts. I have the Navy 5 Miler race in less than 3 weeks! Yikes!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Hampshire Road Trip

Yesterday was an interesting mail day. Instead of the normal sale ads and magazines - yes I still subscribe to actual magazines. I don't like to read magazine articles on my tablet for some reason - I prefer a real magazine for my work commutes. But in yesterday's mail I received a Jury Duty notice for September and then we also received a wedding invitation for October.

The wedding invitation is for one of hubby's ex-coworkers who within this year has quit his job, bought a house with his girlfriend in New Hampshire, moved up there, and proposed to her. They are getting married in October. This October. On a Friday. At 4:30 in the afternoon. I have my Army 10-Miler Race that same weekend on that Sunday. We have been to 2 other weddings this summer that we knew of far in advance. I have the rest of my vacation days pretty planned out for the rest of the year. I told hubby that if a group of the guys wanted to make it into a road trip and go up there my feelings wouldn't be hurt.

I'm all for saving money when planning a wedding but I think a Friday wedding can be tough for those people who have to travel out of state. Especially when it's not for a relative or a very close friend.

Also - the last time we travelled to New Hampshire for a wedding we had quite the adventure!

Our friend was getting married back in June on a Saturday. We took Friday off for the drive up. The drive was going to be about 9 hours.

But then heading into New York we happened upon THIS: 

The police cruiser in the picture was in the toll lane right next to us. Hubby stopped to ask the officer if he was okay. He replied yes and then hubby proceeded to tell the officer to "hop in". The police officer got in the back seat of our car, hubby turned on his hazards, and we drove the officer across the bridge - keeping him in the police chase. Afterwards hubby approached the command center to inquire if the officer was okay since he had been in the accident. The officer's supervisor ended up talking to hubby and thanked him for helping out and took down his drivers license info and cell phone number. Little did we know there would be a lot more to come of this!

The rest of the trip took longer than we expected since we got detoured off the GW Bridge. We ended up having to take some state route that had construction going on and it took FOREVER!

The hotel we stayed at did have a buffet included - but not many healthy choices.  

Little elevator humor

I did manage to get a hotel workout in - 2.5 mile run and a FitStar Chest and Core Workout.

Hubby relaxing in the sun

Only picture of US we took at the wedding

Nothing like the hotel smoke alarms going off early in the morning.
Turns out someone burned their toast.

Rest Stop Selfie on the drive home

We had a great time at the wedding seeing our old friends and meeting new people. The drive home was unadventurous compared to the drive up. I would love to go back and spend some more time in New Hampshire - just not this October for another wedding!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Middle School Graduation

This summer is going by so fast! I keep thinking of blog posts and ideas - sometimes I even actually begin a draft - but then I get so busy I forget to go back to edit and get it posted.

I'm going to challenge myself to get rid of all of the drafts in my folder over the next few weeks so I can get my blog caught up in semi-chronological order! 

So... going back to June...

My teens' middle school graduation took place. 

Aren't they sharp?

Proud mama moment

Proud step dad moment

Me and mini-me

He was pretty done with all the pictures

Okay.... he agreed to one last one

I thought I would cry at the ceremony but I didn't. The ceremony was extremely long though - too long in my opinion for a middle school graduation. They had performers AND guest speakers - it lasted over 3 hours!

It was almost 10pm when we finally got back to our car - too late for a graduation dinner. So the next day I let the teens sleep in while I went to work for a half-day. I took them to Red Robin for a celebratory graduation lunch. I couldn't resist the bottomless fries but I did order my burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Baby steps...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teen Summer Camp Success

I thought I'd share these pictures of success. I call them success because both teens were knocked out asleep on the 15 minute drive home from their first day of Teen Summer Camp on Monday. Money well spent to have them so tired out from physical activity during the summer rather than just sitting around playing on their electronic devices. 

My hubby left on Monday afternoon for Germany for the week. He was excited to have the whole row to himself for the whole 8 hour flight. 

I barely managed to get in my #workitout100 workout that day. I slacked off most of the afternoon/evening by reading blogs and getting my Bloglovin feed all caught up. I'm going to have to narrow down my subscribe list soon. There are just too many blogs I follow and not enough time to read them all in. 

I did a short Tara Stiles beginner's yoga workout before bed which again proved to myself just how inflexible I am. 

What? You don't do yoga in your pj's?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

I love the Timehop App. It helps me remembers goodies like this one that I had posted on my Facebook page 3 years ago:

I wrapped up my Runners World runstreak on July 4th before we headed out for the day. That makes 40 days in a row that I ran at least one mile! Second and final year for me for that challenge. It feels great to have accomplished it - but it is really a struggle for me and my knees to run every single day for 40 days straight. 

For the 4th hubby and I went and picked up my bestie to surprise our old boss at the annual barbecue he thows at his house in West Virginia. He had sent out a mass text message earlier in the week about the party so I called my bestie and suggested we just show up and surprise him. We hadn't seen him in probably 3 years or so! He was the best boss I've ever had but he's moved on to doing his own thing and I'm really happy for him. He was so surprised and happy to see us! Best surprise I've pulled off this year!

Saturday afternoon hubby and I were driving up to Delaware to visit his parents so I got in a morning workout. Even though my runstreak challenge is done - my workitout100 challenge still continues. Saturday was Day 43 in a row that I have done some sort of physical activity.

I did a Fitness Blender HIIT workout and then walked one mile on the treadmill. The Fitness Blender workout was awesome!  I was so sore the next day. I love when I can feel that I'm working different muscles.

After I got all showered up we headed out to see the 'rents-in-laws

Aren't they the cutest?

When we returned home that evening hubby and I proceeded to have our own little party. 

His and hers

We sat on the back deck drinking and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was quite the challenge for me after my late night shenanigans. I wasn't so much hungover as I was just purely exhausted from my weekend.

I barely managed to get in a workout. I was searching through You Tube to find the shortest arms workout I could find because my legs and abs were so sore from Saturdays HIIT workout.

I happened upon this 11 minute workout and that's all I managed for the day.

The teens came back home last night from vacation with their dad. Today they start teen summer camp and hubby leaves this afternoon for Germany for the week. Teen summer camp is the craziest thing though - they don't offer before or after care like they did when the kids were younger. 

The camp hours are from 8:30am-4pm. This week I'll really only be working from about 10am-2pm each day. Yes it is a little inconvenient but my job is pretty flexible when it comes to kid-related stuff. I don't want the teens just sitting around the house ALL summer so I have them in camp for 2 of the 5 weeks they're with us this summer. This week they're going bowling, mini golfing, to a splash park, to Six Flags and having a picnic. 

This is bound to be a crazy hectic week for me. But once I get through it - hubby and I leave for VACATION next Monday! I can't wait!