Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day Catching Up

Winter Storm Janus is upon us and we're all home. The school closing alert was posted last night and then early this morning the Federal Government closed which is the schedule my office follows so I didn't have to go in to work. Hubby had to go in for half-day before they closed his base so now we're all at home together.

Last week I had an awesome workout week.

Monday morning I pulled out an old Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds 3 Mile Walk to get in some steps for my FitBit Flex before work.

After work I attempted to begin P90X3. The first workout was Total Synergistics. It was okay. I didn't love it.

The note I posted to Instagram after I completed the workout:

Tuesday during lunch I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill:

Wednesday during lunch I went old school and brought in my old portable dvd player to do a 2nd P90X3 workout. This one actually wasn't too bad. It was Agility X and reminded me a lot of the Plyometrics dvd from the original P90X workouts.

Wednesday's lunch I subbed out bread for cucumber for my sandwich. One of my co-workers had sent me a picture she had seen so I tried it out for myself. The taste was good but it was really sloppy to eat - I ended up using a fork and knife to cut it into pieces to eat. 

Thursday morning's weigh-in showed a small loss. At first I was discouraged after last week's 2.4 lb loss but that feeling didn't last too long. It was almost a half-pound loss which is a healthy weight loss amount. Plus I've always read that the slow and steady weight losses are the ones that are more likely to last.

Thursday I got in another 30 minute lunchtime treadmill run.

Friday morning my boss who had just got back from Seattle brought me a Seattle Seahawks t-shirt and a scarf! My co-worker is a big San Francisco 49ers fan so I took this picture in the office to send to him - a little office rivalry fun! 

Our office closed early on Friday but instead of going home I forced myself to go to the gym. I did a 4 mile treadmill walk in less than an hour! 

After all of those workouts throughout the week - it would only make sense that Saturday morning my drying rack would be full of workout gear!

All dolled up for an afternoon with hubby:

We went to lunch at a new eatery that opened up down the street from us called Newk's

I had the black and blue salad and it was delicious! I ordered the dressing on the side and only used about half of what they gave me. Normally they mix the dressing right into the salad for you.

After lunch we went to Ikea. I was looking for wall hangings and decorations to update the kids' rooms. Afterwards we stopped and had a drink before we tried to see the movie "Ride Along" with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube - but it was sold out. 

Chocolate martini anyone?

Sunday morning I wanted to do another low impact workout but still get my steps in for the day so I did another Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds dvd. This one was 4 miles and I got in over 6,000 steps before 10:30 in the morning! I wanted to get my steps in early because I knew I wasn't going to get in a lot of steps the rest of the day because of the AFC and NFC NFL Championship games were going to be on. 

The best game - and the most stressful game - was the Seahawks game. We pulled out a win though and we're going to the SUPERBOWL!! 

Monday morning was a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Birthday) so hubby and I drove up to Fort Meade to get my half marathon training run completed.

Pre-run steps

I ran 5 miles in less than an hour AND got in my 10,000 steps by noon!

Next weekend's "long run" is only 2 1/2 miles so I'm going to try to do it without any walk breaks.

In the meantime I'm now headed off to a Wii tournament with the family. Stay warm and safe everyone!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Give the Plan a Chance

My advice to myself - give Weight Watchers a chance is really starting to work for me. Last week I didn't exercise as much as I wanted to with the last lingerings of this cough and cold hanging on. I wasn't sure what was going to happen for Thursday's weigh-in - but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I lost 2.4 pounds! In one week!    

That afternoon during my lunchbreak I did a workout from my Fitness Class App and then ran a mile on the treadmill. 

Mini me wanted Chipotle for dinner Friday night so on Thursday night I pre-packed and entered into my WW tracker all of my food for the day on Friday. In the morning I did an arm workout from my Fitness Class App and then I went to the gym at lunchtime and ran for 30 minutes.

I earned enough points to order and eat my Chipotle the way I like it - with a little sour cream and a little cheese - with no guilt whatsoever. I ordered the steak rather than my usual chicken and didn't care for it as much. It was too chewy.

Saturday it rained and rained and rained. I had to get the grocery shopping done in the morning and then the rest of the day was spent watching football with the kiddos (hubby was out of town for work).  

I even had a beer for just one WW Points Plus.

After the first game I took mini-me to Kohls because she was looking for a certain type of sweatpant to match her best friend. Remember those days - having a best friend that you did everything with and even dressed alike? 

How cool is it that Kohls reserved a spot for me? 

Sunday I had a 4 mile half marathon training run on the schedule. I bundled up and headed out to Ft Meade to get my run done.

After my run - the rest of the afternoon was a whirlwind. I got home and meal prepped two crockpot dinners.

One was a crockpot lasagna which smelled yummy. I tried a forkful of it and it tastes really good too.

The other crockpot had a White Bean Turkey Chili. It actually came out pretty soupy and I had cut back on the amount of chicken broth the recipe called for. The spoonful I taste-tested was just "okay" - most likely not a recipe I will use again.

After the crockpot prepping, I had to drive my daughter to her indoor track practice (30 minutes away), come back and help my son with his homework, go back and pick-up my daughter, come back home and clean the kitchen and then get the kids packed up to go to their dad's for the night. He's going out of town this week so he asked me to keep them for him Monday through Wednesday night so that's why I was doing the double duty crockpot meal prepping. Hubby is out of town until Thursday so it's just me and the kids. I find my evenings run so much easier when all we have to do when we get home is warm up dinner and cook a vegetable.

After I dropped the kiddos off at their dad's house I still had to come home and cook my own dinner for the evening and meal prep my lunches for the week. I watched some of the Golden Globe Awards, mopped the kitchen floor, and started tackling an organizational project I have going on in our home office.

I finally climbed into the bed pretty late and proceeded to watch the 1st dvd in my P90X3 series. It's a new, intense 30 minute workout by Tony Horton. I'm going to give it a whirl and try it beginning tonight.

I'm not good at sticking to 90 day workout programs so I'm not making any promises to myself. I get easily bored with doing the same dvds all the time and it gets frustrating trying to keep up with a schedule that's pre-set for you. But we'll see. If nothing else at least I have some new 30 minute workouts to add to my collection and these workouts could be what helps move my weight loss along even quicker!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Homework Woes

I am so truly over this cold weather. Tuesday morning I woke to a 2 hr school delay and a temperature of -10 when you count the wind chill.  

I made sure I bundled up in layers and with the extra time I had in the morning I even staged an Outfit Of The Day Post.

I saw some new Chobanis at the grocery store so I bought two to try. I love Chobani yogurts but ever since I started up with Weight Watchers again I haven't been eating them because they are so high in points. This new Chobani only came to 2 points+. It's called Simply 100 and it's more filling than their Chobani Bites.

After dinner I was in a snacky mood and I had Points available so I weighed out some caramel popcorn. Hubby thinks I'm a nut for weighing out and measuring out every single bite I eat! 

I think I was snacky because I was frustrated with the kiddos and their lack of homework planning. 

They had told me on Monday about a project that was due on Wednesday that they had know about since before Christmas break. Then Tuesday they told me about ANOTHER project due on Tuesday also. So Tuesday after dinner they were trying to crank out both projects. 

Mini me finished hers and was in bed by 10. My son on the other hand didn't finish his until 11:10. By the time he packed up his stuff and hopped in the shower it was 11:40 before he went to bed. Normally their bedtime is 9:30 and I wasn't feeling well so I was trying to be in bed by 10 but I stayed up with him just in case he needed help and I guess for moral support.

I did make sure to give them both the lecture on waiting until the last minute for school projects and how I would not be staying up late with them anymore when they procrastinated. They had all freaking Christmas Break to do these projects - if not at least do some of the work on them - and instead they chose to wait until they came back home from their dad's house and get it all done in two nights. Frustrating!

Double the kids - double the laptops to get projects done

I only ended up with 6 hours of sleep that night and I went to bed while my son was still in the shower - I just couldn't stay awake any longer.

Although I was sleepy as heck on Wednesday - I still hopped on the treadmill during my lunchbreak to get a 30 minute Half Marathon Training run done!

After work I went home and cooked a healthy dinner for me and hubby. The kids were at their dad's for dinner and it was the last day of my tracking week so I was determined to stay within my WW Points for the week.

I had taken 2 pieces of flounder out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator in the morning to defrost. When I got home I marinated them in some fat-free Italian dressing and baked them. I also tried for the first time this Trader Joe's Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix which was really good - even hubby ate some. 

I cooked up a side of sugar snap peas to accompany the flounder and orzo pilaf mix. I swear the flounder shrunk in half when I baked it though. Hubby laughed at how small our pieces were.

He's going out of town next week for work and the kids go back to their dad's house Sunday night so I thought I was going to have 3 nights to myself after work to sit back and zone out catching up on my chick shows on the dvr (or exercise...) . That lil fantasy came to a halt tough last night when their dad text to ask if I'd keep the kids Sunday through Wednesday night for him because he had to go out of town. I said sure and now I'm going to have to get myself organized over the weekend to make sure those 3 days run smoothly instead of flying by the seat of pants which I probably would have done if it had just been me by myself for the week. Now I need to stay in responsible mom mode a few extra days.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bring on the Summer

The Sleeping Tracker on my FitBit Flex can sometimes be downright frightening! Thursday night after shoveling the driveway and a coughing fit I finally got to sleep at 11:30! But then you factor in that I was awake 3 times (either coughing or going to the bathroom) and restless TEN times - this woman didn't sleep - I took a long nap basically.

The snow plowing people didn't come Friday morning. I waited as long as I could before I had to venture out to work. Apparently they didn't hit the cul-de-sacs but this is the main road into and out of my development that either they barely plowed or enough people went to work earlier than me and made a pseudo path for me to follow. 

The good news is the main roads were perfectly clear. It's just GETTING to the main roads that is a pain in the neck!

Once I parked my car and walked over to the metro station - the trains were delayed. Of course. So what else is there to do in the freezing cold but take a selfie of myself all bundled up!

By the end of the day everything had started to freeze up so the walk back to my car was a slow one.

The parking lot was a complete ice rink. Here's all the ice I was parked on.

And a view of the ice-rink parking lot which obviously hadn't been treated at all.

Saturday morning I was feeling just as crappy as ever so I drove myself back to Urgent Care.

They swabbed me for strep (which I didn't have), told me I have an upper respiratory infection so I don't need antibiotics, told me to stop taking Mucinex because that in fact is making me cough MORE and told me to drink more liquids. So I promptly drove to Starbucks and got a VENTI skinny vanilla latte. 

That counts for fluids right?

Although I haven't been exercising very much at all (it's pretty difficult while you're coughing constantly) - I have been obsessively tracking my WW Points in take. 

Yep - this pitiful amount is an ACTUAL serving size of pretzel bits. SAD.

I'm determined to not fall behind on my half marathon training so this is the picture I set as my phone lock screen for motivation. 

Sunday hubby and I tackled the grocery shopping together. I picked up a new to me Chobani flavor. It wasn't my favorite. There were too many textures going on - peach chunks, pistachios AND dark chocolate pieces. Plus that darn thing scanned in at 6 WW Points +. I ONLY get 26 a day - sooooooo not worth it!

Monday during my lunchtime I did drag myself to the gym to get in my 3 mile Half Marathon Training Run that was scheduled for over the weekend. It wasn't pretty. But I'm proud to say I did it!

And this was the temperature as I went to bed last night - darn Polar Vortex! The kids school district announced a 2 hour school delay due to the freezing temperatures. Wind chill for Tuesday calls for temperatures in the NEGATIVES!