Thursday, January 9, 2014

Homework Woes

I am so truly over this cold weather. Tuesday morning I woke to a 2 hr school delay and a temperature of -10 when you count the wind chill.  

I made sure I bundled up in layers and with the extra time I had in the morning I even staged an Outfit Of The Day Post.

I saw some new Chobanis at the grocery store so I bought two to try. I love Chobani yogurts but ever since I started up with Weight Watchers again I haven't been eating them because they are so high in points. This new Chobani only came to 2 points+. It's called Simply 100 and it's more filling than their Chobani Bites.

After dinner I was in a snacky mood and I had Points available so I weighed out some caramel popcorn. Hubby thinks I'm a nut for weighing out and measuring out every single bite I eat! 

I think I was snacky because I was frustrated with the kiddos and their lack of homework planning. 

They had told me on Monday about a project that was due on Wednesday that they had know about since before Christmas break. Then Tuesday they told me about ANOTHER project due on Tuesday also. So Tuesday after dinner they were trying to crank out both projects. 

Mini me finished hers and was in bed by 10. My son on the other hand didn't finish his until 11:10. By the time he packed up his stuff and hopped in the shower it was 11:40 before he went to bed. Normally their bedtime is 9:30 and I wasn't feeling well so I was trying to be in bed by 10 but I stayed up with him just in case he needed help and I guess for moral support.

I did make sure to give them both the lecture on waiting until the last minute for school projects and how I would not be staying up late with them anymore when they procrastinated. They had all freaking Christmas Break to do these projects - if not at least do some of the work on them - and instead they chose to wait until they came back home from their dad's house and get it all done in two nights. Frustrating!

Double the kids - double the laptops to get projects done

I only ended up with 6 hours of sleep that night and I went to bed while my son was still in the shower - I just couldn't stay awake any longer.

Although I was sleepy as heck on Wednesday - I still hopped on the treadmill during my lunchbreak to get a 30 minute Half Marathon Training run done!

After work I went home and cooked a healthy dinner for me and hubby. The kids were at their dad's for dinner and it was the last day of my tracking week so I was determined to stay within my WW Points for the week.

I had taken 2 pieces of flounder out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator in the morning to defrost. When I got home I marinated them in some fat-free Italian dressing and baked them. I also tried for the first time this Trader Joe's Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix which was really good - even hubby ate some. 

I cooked up a side of sugar snap peas to accompany the flounder and orzo pilaf mix. I swear the flounder shrunk in half when I baked it though. Hubby laughed at how small our pieces were.

He's going out of town next week for work and the kids go back to their dad's house Sunday night so I thought I was going to have 3 nights to myself after work to sit back and zone out catching up on my chick shows on the dvr (or exercise...) . That lil fantasy came to a halt tough last night when their dad text to ask if I'd keep the kids Sunday through Wednesday night for him because he had to go out of town. I said sure and now I'm going to have to get myself organized over the weekend to make sure those 3 days run smoothly instead of flying by the seat of pants which I probably would have done if it had just been me by myself for the week. Now I need to stay in responsible mom mode a few extra days.

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