Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ready For Spring

I haven't blogged in two weeks. Not like I'm a consistent blogger anyway but two weeks makes it pretty hard to play catch-up. 

This awful weather has been making it hard to do anything. It's been hard for me to consistently get in my 10K steps a day, it's been hard for me to stick to my half-marathon training plan. I'm just ready for it to warm-up and stop snowing!  

Early for a dr appt calls for Starbucks in the car

Clean bill of health at my physical

It's never too cold for frozen yogurt with the kiddos

At least I'm still tracking my meals - even the bad days!

I've tried some new recipes

Beef Lo Mein for the win

Red Bean Chili was another good recipe

Still don't understand what the Olympic sport Curling is all about

Watching Olympic Figure Skating while running on the treadmill made me speedy!

Picked up a pack of these at Target. Ate four that very night and brought the rest in to work!

MORE snow. 

Hubby just happened to be away on business and was able to cut his trip short in order to be home with me for the snow storm.

I'm getting tired of taking this same ole snow picture!

Yep - that's a ruler in there. We got a foot of now.

Thankfully the neighbors were sweet enough to snow blow and shovel the driveway. Hubby was asleep still from his jet lag. 

I did finally get to break out the snow boots I bought two years ago and hadn't worn yet.

Hubby and I walked around the neighborhood. I guess one neighbor hired a private contractor with a bobcat to shovel out their snow.

The road was semi-done

But the mail lady still managed to get us our mail.

When we got home it was wine time.

With some comfort food.

Three cheese pasts bake

After the blue bottle moscato was gone I tried the Skinnygirl brand. Blech. It wasn't even sweet. I thought all Moscatos were sweet. This one is still sitting in the refrigerator a week later. It will probably end up down the drain by the end of the weekend even though I hate to waste alcohol!

Snow Day Soduku puzzles with hubby

And then the next day we only had a 2 hour delay to get into work even though all the streets, parking lots and sidewalks weren't all clear.

I did use my delay to work on my steps and get in a workout before work.

7,500 steps before work - I'll take it!

This year the concierge at my office building was offering the Phillip's Seafood Valentine's Special again. For 100 bucks we got 2 lobsters, shrimp, oysters, mussels, red potatoes and corn on the cob. It was so filling and a fun time cooking it together.

When I first got home and walked in hubby had this waiting for me!

Each heart has a reason why he loves me! Isn't he the greatest?

Saturday night we had date night. We went to Baltimore for dinner and to catch a comedy show.

Followed by drinks at an outdoor bar - IN THE COLD!!

Monday I incorporated a new workout to my routine. I'm going to add some of the Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge workouts from YouTube for some variety.

Yesterday I added in a Fitness Blender workout in addition to giving P90X3 another shot.

And if that wasn't enough - hubby went with me after dinner for a walk in our neighborhood to make sure I hit my 10K steps for the day.

Now that we're all caught up I hope to stay caught up with my updates.

Next step is for me to catch up on all of my Bloglovin reading. I'm way behind in those too! 

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  1. SNOW. The new four letter word. Glad you're back! I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging also. Also can you please come and cook for me? All your meals look AMAZING.