Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Second Longest Run

Last Friday night hubby was out of town for work. I stayed home and made it a quiet night, I had a 6 1/2 mile half marathon training run to rest up for on Saturday. 

I may or may not have stayed up too late catching up on reading blogs and starting the new book I downloaded - "Divergent".

Divergent (Divergent Series)

Once I finally did wake up and get my day planned out I headed over to Fort Meade for my run. It was a nice 40-something degree day which I find perfect running weather. I don't get too hot or too cold when the temperature is in the 40s.

The run went pretty well. I did struggle after about mile 5 and think I should probably look into some sort of fuel type for my longer runs. I know I have an 8 mile run coming up in 2 weeks. Yikes!

Mission Accomplished!

After my run I went home to shower and then headed to the commissary to do our grocery shopping. This week's shop was a big one! I had 3 new recipes I wanted to try and of course each one had a couple of specific ingredients we didn't have on hand. 

The commissary was chaotic because not only were the weather reports calling for snow on Monday but it was also the day before the SuperBowl. I had planned to get home before hubby but that didn't work out for me. He went ahead and ordered pizza and wings for dinner which was good because my legs desperately needed a rest by the time I got home.

I set a personal FitBit record and ended the day with over 16K steps thanks to my run! 

Sunday was another nice day weatherwise. While hubby went to get the cars washed I put on my workout gear and headed out in the neighborhood for a walk. I wanted to get my steps in before the SuperBowl. I set a personal goal for February to walk 10K steps each day.

It was another nice day and instead of music I downloaded and listened to a Podcast of the Jillian Michaels Show from years ago.

By the time the podcast was over I had walked 3.29 miles and was back home. I stopped in the house to drink some water and go to the bathroom for a mini break and then headed out again for more steps. I only had about 6K steps by then.

I walked a little over 3 more miles until my FitBit Flex bracelet buzzed to let me know that I had walked 10K steps. By noon!

I had to go to the grocery store and then the health food store for the last few items on my grocery list that I couldn't find at the commissary.

After that I showered and put on my sweats and waited patiently, yet nervously for the game. My Seahawks are playing the Broncos and I was pretty nervous about us facing Peyton Manning.

In the end it would appear I had nothing to worry about. The Broncos played terribly and by the end of the 3rd quarter I could finally breathe because I knew we were going to win.

I ended SuperBowl Sunday with over 13K steps!

I had scheduled off on Monday because I wasn't sure how late the SuperBowl was going to last and how I was going to feel.

I still had to wake up and get the kiddos up and to school but after I dropped them off I rolled up to the Starbucks drive-thru window. Best invention ever on a rainy cold day!  

I did a little meal prepping for the week and threw 2 new recipes in the crockpot.

Sesame chicken

Next time I'll know to sprinkle the chicken with the sesame seeds AFTER it's done. The sesame seeds ended up staying in the crockpot when it was time to take the chicken pieces out. They were stuck in the leftover sauce.

Sweet and sour flank steak

I didn't buy the flank steak at the commissary because it was expensive so I planned on going to Sam's Club on Sunday to see if it would be cheaper there. Instead hubby went to Sam's Club, saw it on the list, and bought it. 

I would have never bought it if I would have seen how expensive it was. I've never bought or cooked with flank steak before so I had no clue as to the price. I would have substituted a cheaper cut of meat for the recipes since the crockpot can make inexpensive cuts of meat turn out tender. But hubby didn't know that was my plan. All he knew was that flank steak was on the list so he bought it. I can't complain about that at all - he's a sweetie for always trying to help me out!

I didn't have many steps in for the day by the time I was done crockpot prepping and I didn't feel like driving to the gym to get on the treadmill so I popped in a Walk at Home 5K dvd.

After that I went and picked the kiddos up and came home and did another 30 minutes of a different Walk Away the Pounds dvd until I reached my 10K steps.

After dinner it was time to blow dry and flat iron my daughter's hair. I don't know where she gets all that hair from! ;-)

Tuesday was back to work time. The work day was busy for me but I still managed to go to the gym in the late afternoon and run for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Which helped me finish the day with my 10K steps! 3 days in a row!

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