Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cardio and Steps

This past week has definitely been all about getting my steps in. Hubby bought a FitBit Flex too so I've been trying to keep my step count up so I stay ahead of him in our totals! In addition I've been keeping up with my half marathon training runs. But any strength training workouts have been nonexistent. I definitely need to fix that!


I woke up and was on the treadmill for a run at 5:45am before I woke the kids up and get us all out of the door for the day! 

And then in the evening I walked on the treadmill to make sure I hit my 10K steps.


Once again I was able to wake up and get on the treadmill in the morning. I walked for 40 minutes at 5:30 in the morning!!

Which definitely helped me make my 10K step goal for the day.


 I had the evening to myself Thursday night. Hubby was out of town for work and the kiddos were having dinner with their dad so I got my workout in then. I ran 3 miles and then walked for 10 minutes.


Friday was going to be my "rest" day since my long run was scheduled for Saturday. I got in a lot of "natural" walking throughout the day. I walked to Starbucks to treat myself to a skinny vanilla latte. I walked to grab a salad for lunch. And I walked when I purposely parked extra far away when I dropped my son off at the movies in the evening so I would have to walk to drop him inside of the theater and then have to walk back to my car.

Friday evening I was basically "mom-taxi" - dropping off and then picking up both kids at various different activities and functions. I did squeeze in about 25 minutes at home on the treadmill at a normal walking pace in my "downtime" between dropoffs/pickups.

Thursday's Steps!

Friday's steps and my slow treadmill walk


Saturday morning was my longest half marathon training run ever! 1 ran 12 miles! It was challenging, it was tough, but I somehow completed it and survived!

I wear my Garmin so that I can look at my watch to time myself for my one-minute walk breaks that I have to take periodically still.

I also keep my RunKeeper App running because I like to hear the verbal cueing at each mile that I've just finished another mile and also to hear my average pace for the run so far.

My last long run my knees hurt for the following two days and my quads for the two days after that. This time I came home and immediately iced my knees and I had NO pain the next day! Even my quads weren't as sore - my legs must be getting stronger from all the steps I've been getting!

And just for a little perspective - this was my post from exactly one year ago. 

I got my first 25K steps badge!


 I love that my hubby makes me laugh every single day. When we pulled up at the commissary and saw the Oscar Mayer weiner truck he couldn't wait to pose for a picture!  

I changed my phone's lock screen wallpaper. Let's just say wishful thinking for Spring since it was supposed to snow on Tuesday.

My daughter's soccer season has started back up. The awesome thing is that all the games are on one day of the week this season. The last couple of years they have fallen on either Friday, Saturday or on Sunday. I love having them all on one set day of the week - especially since it means no rushing around on Fridays after work or getting up early on Saturdays!

It was COLD as heck! We were definitely bundled up. And yes - those are donkeys - the field
was out in the country!!

After the soccer game I walked for half an hour to maintain my 10K steps a day streak.

And then in the evening I walked one more mile.

Weekend steps - Saturday on the left, Sunday on the right!


Brrrrr.... can we get to Spring now? My walk to the metro was 14 degrees and then the snow was expected to start falling Tuesday morning.

I took the evening to relax with hubby and we caught up on The Voice in the dvr. I didn't walk on the treadmill. I didn't stress about it. I just enjoyed the rest and the company of my husband.


 Sometimes I have a tendency to let one rest day or cheat day turn into another and another and then I'm down a path I don't want to be.

Not this time. The very next evening I got in a 3 mile run when I got home from work and hit my 10K steps again.

Upper left = Monday's steps, lower left = Tuesday's steps


Yes - we're still battling the cold weather in Maryland. I'm not so patiently anymore waiting on Spring. It's getting REAL old putting on tights, boots and heavy sweaters to go to work in. I'm ready to bust out the capri pants and sandals I tell you!

 I knew I wasn't going to have an opportunity to workout Wednesday after work since it was my dinner night with the kiddos so I packed up my gym stuff and walked on the treadmill during my lunchbreak. 

I obviously have my mind geared towards getting my 10K steps a day but I feel that I really should mix it up again. I need to get in some of the P90X3 dvds and Bikini Body Mommy Challenge workouts that I had been doing. 

I know when I do add in different exercises my steps will lessen and hubby will be beating me in our little competition grrrrrr... but I want to have toned arms and a smaller waistline and the only effective way I know to do that is with cardio AND strength training.

Tonight I'll probably take a rest day and schedule out my April workouts. Hubby leaves for Alaska on Saturday morning so we only have these last two days together before he's gone for a week so maybe I'll take him to dinner tonight since he'll be packing tomorrow.

This morning's weigh-in I was down 1.8 pounds from last week. I've been tracking ALL of my food in MyFitnessPal so if we do go out I'm going to try to still eat sensibly!

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