Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm Up, I'm Down

Of course by the time I get caught up on reading my Bloglovin blogs I fall behind on my own blog. How in the heck do bloggers find the time and balance to post consistently?

I had been been getting my steps and workouts in: 

I started a new-to-me workout program. It's called the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge from You Tube. I am incorporating the workouts with my half marathon training and planning to try a few more of the P90X3 dvds.

2/20 workout

A little Olympic curling watching while on a lunchtime treadmill run

An hour walk throughout my neighborhood for 4 miles

My longest run EVER!! - 8 MILES!!

I will be experimenting with different fuels for me for my long runs. This was the first one I tried.

I drank it/slurped it down after mile 4. I think I waited too long to take it though. I probably should have aimed for mile 3.

For whatever reason - I promised the kids a round of mini golf... AFTER my 8 mile run. I could barely bend down because my legs were already getting sore so I had my son pick up my ball at the end of each hole and I would put it down at the beginning of each hole. 

The following morning I did a 30 minute Jessica Smith stretching workout I found on You Tube.

I had taken the day off because I scheduled 3 doctor's appointments for the day. I had a 7am dentist appointment, a 9:30 am gyno appt and and a 12:30 mammogram. What a day. The 1st two appointments went fine. The third appointment - the mammo - not so much. They found yet another lump. On the other breast this year. I have a needle biopsy scheduled for next week. This is getting old. Real old. 

Painted on the stairwell wall going down to my mammo appt

Tuesday morning we woke to a little bit more snow. Just enough to mess up traffic terribly. I was an hour late getting to work.

I can't take these cold temperatures much longer. This has been a ridiculously awful winter! 

This past weekend we were in Delaware for hubby's enlisted recognition banquet. While he worked I stopped by the mall for some tax free shopping. I needed stockings for my dress and walked out with some new accessories. I don't think this really count towards my "no clothes shopping". Technically I still haven't bought myself any new "clothes" in 2014!

I've decided I'm really going to try to curtail my work clothes buying. I have a ton of work clothes and it's not like I'm trying to impress anyone there so why not save my money and just buy pieces when they need to be replaced. Also I would like to buy some nice quality items for my outside of work wear - like some Hunter boots!!

Hubby and I ended up on the cover of a new book his job put out. We're down in the lower right corner. This picture was taken the day he left for his last deployment. I was bawling my eyes out.

Hubby and his buddies at the banquet

Me and my love

Ran the car through the car was on Sunday - just in time for Monday's snow storm.
Monday was my "babies" 14th birthday. We got hit with another 6-7 inches of snow. We were all home for the day.

I attempted a new recipe for their birthday breakfast - Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. They looked better than they tasted.

Tuesday schools were STILL closed so I stayed home with the kiddos. We got dressed late afternoon and went to Red Robin for "linner".

Kiddo selfie

This is the biggest box of candy I've ever seen!

My steps haven't been that great this month with the snow/ice/cold but hubby and I bought a treadmill which will be delivered early next week. I'm so excited!

Wednesday I finally got to go back to work so I fit in a lunchtime workout. I ran 20 minutes and then did Day 4 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. 

Thursday I got in another lunchtime workout. Don't mind the date on the picture. It should read the 6th. I did Day 5 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and then ran a mile.

Friday I didn't get in any sort of workout. This weekend there's a 9 1/2 mile half marathon training run on my schedule. I'm going to run it on Sunday morning so that I'm not all sore on Saturday and can still do something fun with the kiddos.

Sheesh - caught up on the blog once again. (pats self on back and heads to bed...)

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