Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Newest Addition

Our new baby came yesterday - check her out!!

Hubby and I ordered a treadmill from Dick's Sporting Goods a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out the "free shipping" means they will ship to you curb and that is it. Luckily hubby was home because the delivery driver was going to leave the box next to our mailbox on the curb. He said for "insurance purposes" he wasn't allowed to come onto our driveway so hubby gave the 5 bucks to at least drop it in our garage.

After work we had a neighbor come over and help hubby move it down into the basement. The package was 250 pounds!

I tried to "help" hubby put it together - I was in charge of reading him the directions but after the 2nd paragraph I was confused so I supported him morally. I sat in the basement with him - drinking my wine and eating chips and dip for the 2 hours it took him to put the treadmill together. Every once in awhile he would need me to hold something in place or hand him something. By the time it was all put together it was too late to actually workout on it but I'll be getting on there this weekend definitely!

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