Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Work It Out 100

Last week hubby was out of town for work and the kiddos were with their dad so it was very quiet and lonely in the house. I found myself staying up way too late on Social Media and then not sleeping very well when I did finally go to sleep because I kept hearing noises in the house.

I did manage to get workouts in - only because I started a new personal challenge.

I started the Work It Out 100 Challenge. The Challenge is to Work Out for 100 days straight. On rest days they encourage light stretching or an outdoor walk.

#Workitout100 Day 1 - 30 min treadmill run

#workitout100 Day 2 - treadmill walk in the evening AFTER a work function

#workitout100 Day 3 - Fitness Blender Kickboxing workout followed by a 1 mile treadmill run

#workitout100 Day 4 - It was a beautiful day for a brisk lunchtime walk
around the White House and the Monument 

#workitout100 Day 5 - Treadmill walk - Hubby wasn't able to get home
as scheduled so I was by myself on Friday night and got in my workout.

#workitout100 Day 6 - It was the day before my Half Marathon so I didn't want to
do anything too strenuous. I did a Jessica Smith You Tube Walk At Home workout.

Some eats from the week:

A small coffee to get me through mini-me's track practice 

Weighing out my snacks

Chipotle is always worth the long line wait!

Yes - I may have had this for dinner one night when I was on my own last week.
Keeping It Real.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The End of Spring Break


My co-worker friend was headed out to Dunkin Donuts and asked if I wanted anything. I asked her to pick me up a coffee. She came back with a Peeps donut. I ate the whole thing and it was delicious!

We got out of work early. On the metro ride home I read an article on IIFYM (If it fits your macros). I attempted to change MyFitness Pal to meet my suggested macros. I think IIFYM is something I am going to have to GRADUALLY break myself into. I love me some carbs and this plan has me going pretty low carb.

Since I got home from work early my mom and I went with the kiddos for a walk through the neighborhood and played in the park for a little bit. All 3 of the big kids!

We went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I ate entirely too much of the honey wheat bread and butter. I did order dinner off of the Skinnylicious menu though.

First time ordering off of the adult menu - that's a lot of choices!

I ordered the shrimp tacos. I was so full from bread though that I was only able to eat one. I couldn't even bring the leftovers home because they became so messy. Once all the sauce soaked through the tortilla it started to break apart in my hands.

This salad accompanied the tacos. It was good but I was just too full to eat more than a couple of bites.

I did order a piece of the red velvet cheesecake to take home with me.

After dinner we wandered around the mall. Hubby treated the kiddos to new Van's and I snagged a cute pair of sparkly ones for myself!


Hubby and I had Good Friday off from work. We all piled into the car together for a day of fun.

My son was being camera shy

First stop - Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch/early dinner.

Then we headed over to Ft Meade for some bowling.

Lots of deer out. I'm going to have to be on the lookout on my next long run there.


Started my day with a one hour treadmill walk - sporting my new Bondi Band. I LOVE those headbands for keeping the sweat out of my eyes - and I sweat A LOT!

We played a little badminton and had a little wine before we had to bring my mom to the airport.

But not before we took a bunch of last minute pictures!


The kids went to their dad's house last night. Hubby left this morning for a work trip.

It was a very quiet and lonely Easter for me. 

Hubby left me an Easter card and a box of chocolates. 

I ate way too many of the chocolates. I lounged around in my sweats all day. I didn't workout. And now I've stayed up too late posting this. 

It's almost like I was on Spring Break for the week.

Tomorrow I hope to be back into a normal, healthy routine!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week In Review

No new workouts are happening for me yet. I think subconsciously I'm waiting for my half marathon to be over before I switch up my workouts. I really want to add in more strength training and tone up my arms for the summer!

Monday - I got on the treadmill in the morning for a walk. I got in my steps for the day. 

Tuesday I went to the gym during lunch for a 30 minute treadmill run. My pace always turns out to be much slower on the treadmill. When I'm running outside I have 10 and 11 minute miles. The battery in my heart rate monitor died - I hate when that happens.

Wednesday I didn't work out.

Thursday's weigh-in had me 1.8 pounds down! I celebrated with a lunchtime treadmill run.

Friday morning I got in treadmill walk while I watched an episode of Parenthood in the dvr.

We had gorgeous weather that day! I got to wear my new Michael Kors flats with NO socks or tights! 

I left work early and we picked my mom up from the airport. She flew out for the week to help us out with the kiddos during their Spring Break. She brought this old newspaper ad with her of me during my senior year in high school when I did a little modeling. 

Saturday we headed out to DC with 999,999 other people to see the Cherry Blossoms during their peak bloom.

She loved the bag I had made for her with her grandchildren on it.

My favorite picture of the day!

Not bad for a non-exercise day. We trekked all through DC!

Sunday morning I hopped on the treadmill for a 4 mile half marathon training run before we got started with our day. 

Mini-me had a soccer game in the afternoon. It was another gorgeous day and I got to break out another pair of new flats - sockless again! 

Monday morning I hopped on the treadmill for a walk. And then I stayed on an extra 15 minutes just to get to the end of the episode of Parenthood I was watching. I hit my 10K steps again! 

Tuesday I ran during lunch.

Wednesday the cupcake truck parked right outside of my office taunting me. I resisted! 

My mom and my kiddos. She's such a shorty! 

I've been staying up late all week with my mom and the kiddos. I've been eating not so great all week. It's almost like I'm on Spring break/vacation too - except for the whole "having to get up and go to work thing". Next week I'm going to be refocused! I promise.