Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Last Long Training Run


I still need to figure out more features about my treadmill. At the end of a workout I can see the time and the distance but I can't figure out how to get my average pace so I've been having to put that information into my RunKeeper App manually to calculate it.

As seen outside my office window. What? SpiderMan doesn't deliver your mail?

During mini-me's track practice my son and I stopped by Starbucks. I tried their flourless chewy chocolate cookie from the new La Boulange line. It is served warm so it is a little bit gooey, pretty rich and (only) 170 calories (which isn't that high compared to other Starbucks sweets offerings).  


I dragged myself to the gym during my lunchbreak on Friday for a treadmill walk. I knew I was going to be busy later with mini-me's soccer practice in the evening so I wanted to get my workout in before I left work.

While she was at her practice my son and I stopped for frozen yogurt. Ugh - are you seeing a pattern here - mini-me goes to sports practice and my son and I stop to get something sweet to eat. I definitely need to find something else for the two of us to do to bide the time while we wait on her practices to end!  


Hubby returned home from his trip Friday night but he wasn't feeling well so by the time we got back from soccer practice he was already in the bed.

Saturday morning was my LAST half-marathon training long run. 

I wasn't looking forward to it at all. It was supposed to be 14 miles. I've seen other training plans that the furthest training run is only 12 miles with the expectation I suppose that based on adrenaline you would be able to complete 13.1. I told myself I would do at least 13 miles though just to make sure I really could do it before race day.

I didn't enjoy it. Not one bit. After the 8th mile I just wanted it to be over. At one point I remember walking so much during a mile that my average pace was near 17 minutes for that mile. I kept trying to convince myself to just finish this run - that the next time I would have to run this long again wouldn't be until be race day.

I can honestly say that I am not a long distance runner. It is not enjoyable to me. After my half marathon my focus is going to be on getting faster in my 5Ks and even run some more 10Ks. Who knows - maybe one day I'll even place in my age bracket for a 5K! 

Long mileage runs not only take me a long time because I'm so slow - but they also take me a long time to recuperate from. My knees definitely don't like the long distance. On long run days I'm basically housebound with ice packs on my knees for the remainder of the day. That's not fun - for me, my hubby or my kids - especially as the weather gets nicer. And it's probably really not healthy on those old lady knees!

I was happy when I did complete those 13 miles though - and in under 3 hours time! That's my goal for my half in 3 weeks - to complete it in less than 3 hours. 

My training is a little unorthodox in that my long run was 3 miles out from race day - but that's what fit my schedule. My mom is coming to town Friday to stay with us and help out with keeping the teens occupied during Spring Break next week while hubby and I are at work so I didn't want to say "hi mom - thanks for flying out here - now I'm headed out for a 3 hour run and won't be able to do anything with you afterwards" so I pushed that long run up by one week. 

I will still run this weekend but probably only 4 or 5 miles. Now THAT is an accomplishment for ME to say - that I'm going to go run for ONLY 4 or 5 miles!

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