Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Work It Out 100

Last week hubby was out of town for work and the kiddos were with their dad so it was very quiet and lonely in the house. I found myself staying up way too late on Social Media and then not sleeping very well when I did finally go to sleep because I kept hearing noises in the house.

I did manage to get workouts in - only because I started a new personal challenge.

I started the Work It Out 100 Challenge. The Challenge is to Work Out for 100 days straight. On rest days they encourage light stretching or an outdoor walk.

#Workitout100 Day 1 - 30 min treadmill run

#workitout100 Day 2 - treadmill walk in the evening AFTER a work function

#workitout100 Day 3 - Fitness Blender Kickboxing workout followed by a 1 mile treadmill run

#workitout100 Day 4 - It was a beautiful day for a brisk lunchtime walk
around the White House and the Monument 

#workitout100 Day 5 - Treadmill walk - Hubby wasn't able to get home
as scheduled so I was by myself on Friday night and got in my workout.

#workitout100 Day 6 - It was the day before my Half Marathon so I didn't want to
do anything too strenuous. I did a Jessica Smith You Tube Walk At Home workout.

Some eats from the week:

A small coffee to get me through mini-me's track practice 

Weighing out my snacks

Chipotle is always worth the long line wait!

Yes - I may have had this for dinner one night when I was on my own last week.
Keeping It Real.

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