Friday, May 23, 2014

Drive By Post

Woohoo! My boss is closing the office at noon for Memorial Day Weekend so I have just a few minutes to get a quick post up for the week.

My workouts have been good. I've stuck with getting in a workout every day!

Monday - Lunchtime one mile run and Jessica Smith workout for my arms

Tuesday - 2 mile treadmill run after work

Wednesday - another one mile run and a Jessica Smith ab workout

Thursday - active rest day - 2 mile evening stroll with the hubby in our neighborhood.

In other news - hubby and I registered for the Army 10 miler in October.

And I let a girlfriend of mine talk me into registering for the Navy 5 miler in September.

Hubby and I are also running a 10K on Sunday in Baltimore. 

Who am I? When did I turn into this running freak?

My weigh-in yesterday was disappointing - I was up 2 pounds. My clothes are fitting better so I'm going to try not to stress too much about it.

I did read an interesting article in June's issue of Health magazine about carbs and our need for the right kinds of carbs - all information I already knew but I just needed the reassurance before I try to do anything crazy to get these pounds off.

From Health June 2014 issue

I've gone back to tracking all my food in MyFitness Pal. Let's see if I can keep it up over the long weekend!

And finally - here's yesterday's Throwback Thursday picture from 4 years ago. My babies are growing up so fast... and my belly was so small! 

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend and remember the reason for the holiday.

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