Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Give Me All the Food

My Work It Out 100 Challenge was going along so great

A little P90X3 Agility X

A 3 mile treadmill run on the 5K setting to simulate hills

Thursday my co-worker friend and I walked a couple of blocks over to the Freshfarm Market by the White House. 


My friend bought Baklava for the office. I ate one piece.

40 minute slow walk to get over 10K steps for the day

Friday morning I treated myself to a Starbucks.

I bought myself a meatless salad for lunch. It had garbanzo beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and a little balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

I truly didn't feel like working out Friday night but I forced myself to do a short Fitness Blender You Tube arm workout. I definitely need to add more strength workouts to my schedule. My arms were so weak I had to go from using my 5 lb weights to using my 3 lb weights.

Hubby ordered pizza while I was in the basement exercising. I indulged.

Saturday morning I got my hair done. Then hubby and I went out for the day. We stopped by the PX at Ft Meade and then went to Maryland Live Casino. We both went with our set amount of money. I lost all of mine - not as fast as I normally do though. Hubby gave me one of his $22 vouchers. I got it all the way up to $178 playing the slots... and then I lost it all. I should have cashed out. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

When we were done gambling we went to Bobby's Burger Palace. We LOVE the burgers there - and the sauce for the fries!     

When we got home I had hubby take a picture of me - I got carded! Yes - this 45 year old got carded! 

Mother's Day on Sunday I treated myself to a pedicure while hubby drove up to Delaware to see his mom. Mini-me had a soccer game at 4pm so I stayed back. Yes - a soccer game at 4pm on Mother's Day - how rude! 

After my pedicure I went to the commissary to do the grocery shopping. It was so nice and quiet. I guess most of the mother mom's got the day off from the grocery shopping duties!

I had what I thought was a perfect dinner plan worked out for my Mother's Day dinner. During halftime of the soccer game I went online to Carrabba's website and ordered all of our meals. It was 4:30 and I set pick-up time for 5:40.

That was the only part of the meal that went smoothly. We got their right at 5:40, waited in the car 10 minutes, no one came out to greet us so we had to walk up to the carryout door. I paid for my meal and was told it wasn't ready yet but they would bring it out to me. 20 minutes later I finally asked a manager what was going on with my order. He looked into it and we got our order soon after. Or should I say - MOST of our order.

I was in such a rush to get home I didn't check my order. It was a disaster:   

I asked for NO peas on hubby's dinner

One little loaf of bread for 4 adult entrees - NO olive oil, just spices.

No side of alfredo for my daughter's meal that I paid extra for.

After dinner we went out for frozen yogurt - at least that wasn't messed up!

The kids have turned me onto a new-to-me game called 2048. It's addicting.

Monday mini-me had an orthodontist appointment. It was right next to a new restaurant that opened up - Grilled Cheese & Co. 

One would think that a restaurant dedicated to the grilled cheese sandwich would have a good grilled cheese sandwich. Sadly, I was mistaken. Me and mini-me ordered the original grilled cheese sandwich and it was just okay - nothing to rave about, nothing to dream about ordering again. 

The Original

My son ordered the Smashed Meatball sandwich and it looked delicious.

For my "dessert" I had a little of the Carrabba's desserts that we hadn't eaten since we went out for frozen yogurt.

Can you tell my eating had totally fallen off the tracks? Along with my working out? 

My son needed me to bring him out to Michael's to pick up some stuff for a class project he's working on. I couldn't resist going through the $1 and $2 bins. I came home with these goodies. I'm going to try to send handwritten notes a little more often to my friends and family.

And before I could let my day end - I HAD to get in a workout. I restarted my Work It Out 100 challenge by running 2 miles and then doing a Bikini Body Mommy Challenge arm workout.

Next step - getting my eating back under control!

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  1. No wonder you got carded you look great! And at least you got that work out in even if food choices weren't perfect.