Monday, May 19, 2014

The Weekend

I have a new addiction. It's this game called 2048 that my daughter turned me onto. I was able to avoid Angry Birds and Farmville and all the other games floating around - but not this one. I'm a numbers person and this one drew me in. I spent most of Thursday night playing it.

Friday was a quiet day in the office and a quiet day in the gym at my building. I brought in one of my P90X3 dvds and an old school portable dvd player and got in my workout during lunchtime.

We got out of work early. Mini me's soccer game was cancelled so I took the kids and their friend to dinner at Friday's. Once again I had terrible customer service. I don't know what it is about the restaurants in that part of town that have such poor customer service.

After dinner I dropped the kids off at the movie theatre to see Godzilla with a group of their friends and I went home to hang out with the hubby for a bit.

Saturday morning hubby and I had our 1st 5K of the season. I was happy with my performance. 

Check out my splits for the first 2 miles! Mile 3 was where I walked for 45 seconds up a hill. I suck at hills. 

I keep all my race bibs and write the date and my time on them after each race - a habit I got from my hubby. I took 3 whole minutes off of my time from the same race last year! Go me! My overall goal for this year is to get to a sub-30 minute 5K - it's "just" another 3 minutes - right? 

Mini-me actually had a track meet right next to where our 5K was so I had to drop her off before the 5K and then afterwards we were able to go over and see her run her races.

She ran the 100 and the 400. She placed 5th in the 100 and 2nd in the 400.

That's my mini-me!

After her track meet we stopped at Chipotle to bring home lunch. 

After I ate and showered I laid down and took a nice long nap! When I woke up the kiddos asked me to take them to the carnival to hang out with their friends. I packed up my bag with my ipad mini and some magazines to entertain myself so I could camp out at Starbucks in the same shopping center as the Carnival for a couple of hours while the kiddos roamed around with their friends.

Sunday morning hubby wanted to go for a 5 mile run. It was actually on my training schedule for Monday so I pushed it up a day and went with him. It was a terrible run for me. I was hungry, dehydrated and overdressed but I forced my way through it. 

This definitely was an example of not every run will be a good run. I'm actually looking forward to the 2 easy miles on today's schedule!

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