Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday night I really didn't feel like working out but I didn't want to ruin my #workitout100 streak so hubby and I went on a 2 mile walk in our neighborhood.

Friday my boss closed the office at noon for Memorial Day Weekend. Hubby was already off for the day.

We went to Ft Meade and I found a dress at the PX to wear to a wedding we're going to in June in New Hampshire. AND it was only $25!! Then we went over to the bar at the bowling alley and had quite a few drinks before we went to the commissary to do our grocery shopping. Unfortunately my #workitout100 streak came to an end on Friday and I had to restart the streak Saturday.

I'm not really sure how so many people are able to actually work out for 100 straight days. I looked at some of the Instagram pictures others posted and some of the "workout" days have an inspirational quote or a iphone Note with the "workout" they did - no photo of a heart rate monitor, or a cardio machine reading. Makes me feel like I'm being TOO honest about actually getting in a true workout 100 days in a row for it to count. 

Saturday morning hubby had me go back to Ft Meade with him to run intervals. We walked 1/2 a mile and then ran 1/2 a mile for a total of 4 miles.

A moment of reflection as we passed the Post Cemetery.

When we were done we got ourselves cleaned up and drove to Baltimore to pick up our packets for Sunday's MCVET 10K and then we stopped by hubby's friend's restaurant in Baltimore for a drink and an appetizer.

T-shirt from

We didn't stay out long since we were racing at 8am on Sunday. Hubby put some steaks on the grill and we watched the movie "About Last Night" with Kevin Hart.

Pre-race pic

The 10K was TOUGH! This was my 1st time running the 10K. The previous 2 years I had run the 5K - which started an hour earlier than 10K. The race was so much more hilly than the 5K and then it started to get hot since it was later in the morning. I was definitely overdressed in my tights and should have worn shorts or a running skirt. I really wanted to beat my previous 10K time of 1:11 from last year in Annapolis - but I just couldn't do it. I finished in 1:14 - AND the course was actually a little longer than 6.2 miles! 

Monday was Memorial Day - the start of this year's Runners World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak). I did the whole thing last year - run at least 1 mile a day from Memorial Day to July 4th. Last year the toughest days for me were the days that it got late and I had to run in the summer heat and humidity or the days that it started thunderstorming and I had to drive to the gym or wait out the storm. At least this year we have a treadmill at home so it SHOULD be easier logistically to get in at least one mile a day.

#rwrunstreak Day 1 - 1 mile neighborhood run

The teens have their 1st dance this week - the 8th grade dance - so we went out shopping for their outfits on Monday. Even Ms. Tomboy asked if I'd take HER dress shopping.

Tuesday was back to work as usual. I waited until the evening to get my #rwrunstreak run in - it was a struggle - but I got it in.

And then I walked a few more minutes so that I could hit 10K steps on my FitBit. Hubby is beating me by about 20K steps this week so I plan to try to catch up to him this week while he's out of town for work.

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