Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Hair Again

So yeah - remember the other day when I posted the picture of my hair all straightened out?

THIS is what happened after I washed it the 1st time. 

$80 down the drain. I was hot! I texted my hairdresser this picture and told her "I guess the process doesn't work on everyone's hair". What I got wasn't supposed to keep my hair straight but it was supposed to take down some of the volume when I let it dry naturally. Ummmm... my hair looked JUST like this when I walked INTO the salon.

She offered me a free haircut next time or a different technique which costs 3 times what I just paid her and she would "credit" me what I already paid. I told her I'd pass for now - which sucks because this is the second time in a row I've gone to her and haven't been satisfied with what she has done to my hair after the fact. I hate finding new hairdressers too!

On another note -

I fell off the #workitout100 challenge wagon again on Wednesday. I took the day off from working out. I just wasn't motivated. So here I go - restarting it again - Round 3... 

I woke up early yesterday and did a short Bikini Body Mommy Challenge arm workout followed by a 12 minute treadmill walk.    

And then at lunch I had to do a Runkeeper Sub 65 Min 10K training 3 Mile Run + Strides. I was drenched! I don't think the AC in the gym was working completely. 

And then I proceeded to eat too much at dinner and snack while I was cooking it. If only I could get my exercise AND eating right to get on the same page!

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  1. I totally get the hairdresser thing I think that's why I only get my hair cut every 6 months or so (and I can be lazy so there's that). Have a great weekend :)