Thursday, May 15, 2014

Win Some Lose Some

Tuesday my boss was going out for lunch with a big group of people and I knew he would be longer than an hour so I snuck in a little extra long workout during my lunch break. 

I'm trying to follow the Runkeeper Sub 65 minute 10K training plan and the day called for a 4 mile run. I had to complete it on the treadmill because it was just too freaking hot outside by noon - but I did it! 

And then I proceeded to eat a whole bag of LifeSaver Gummies on the way home from stopping at Michael's to pick up some fake grass for my son's science project.


  1. WOOT for gettin it done!!! I have had zero motivation for 2 months now..... and my jeans are tight again ;-)

  2. You earned those gummie lifesavers! All things gummy are my weakness eeeek!