Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Work It Out 100 Progress

I am doing AMAZING with my new challenge - Work It Out 100.

Day 7 was my Half Marathon day

The following day my legs were in BAD shape but I still squeaked out a couple of short yoga workouts.

Still sore for Day 9 but I woke up early and did a 30 minute gentle walk on the treadmill before work.

Day 10 I was starting to feel a little bit more back to normal. I did a Bikini Body Mommy weight training workout and a slow treadmill walk.

Day 11 I was able to pick up my pace and get in a fast lunchtime treadmill walk.

Day 12 - Friday night. I got in 3 miles of a run/walk on the treadmill.

Saturday morning I ran out of the house to get my nails done early 

Then the teens and I hung out (hubby was out of town). We went to lunch, played mini golf and had some frozen yogurt.

But I STILL had to get in my workout. 

I didn't even start Day 13 until 8:45pm on a Saturday night - yes I am dedicated to this Challenge!

Day 14 I wasn't very motivated. It was a Sunday and I had been busy all day with stuff around the house and my daughter's soccer game. Hubby had come back home and then I dropped the kids off at their dad's house. I wanted to just hang out with him but he encouraged me to go get on the treadmill and get my steps in. I had intended to just get in my 10K steps but then I wanted to end my mileage on an exact number so I stayed on the treadmill for 2 miles. 

For day 15 I squeezed in a pre-dinner workout. I did a little light arm workout with Bikini Body Mommy and then I ran a mile. 30 minutes done!

Day 16 I reintroduced P90X3 back into my life. I woke up and did the Total Synergistics workout and then at lunchtime I got in workout #2. Workout #2 was a Bikini Body Mommy 20 minute HIIT workout and then to mix things up I got on the elliptical - for only the 3rd or 4th time in my life. The treadmill was TOUGH! I definitely need to add it into my workouts more often to move different muscles.

So yes - I feel good about the workouts I've been doing. This challenge was such a good thing for me to do after my half to keep me motivated to keep moving! I can FEEL a difference in how my clothes and how I think I look in them. Let's hope tomorrow's weigh-in reflects some kind of loss to get me over this plateau I have been battling the past month.

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  1. You're doing awesome!! I can't imagine doing any time of workout after a half marathon so the fact that you did anything is pretty fantastic.