Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Say What?

Yesterday morning I had a Dr appointment to have my ears checked out. I have very narrow ear canals and have to go annually to get them cleaned out and looked at.

Since I had some time in the morning before the appointment I decided to get in my scheduled 4 mile run. I could have run outside but my development is pretty small so that would have meant running around in circles quite a few times. Instead I hopped on the ole treadmill and watched an episode of Parenthood in my dvr.

Good thing it was called a "4 Mile Easy Run" because I was SLOW... I guess 4 miles may be a little much for me to do 1st thing in the morning before any coffee, food or water.  

Not even my Super Mom headband could give me energy

At the ear Dr they decided to give me a base-line hearing test - you know - since I'm getting older they said I should have one on file. How crazy is it that last night I got carded to order a drink and then not even 12 hours later I'm having my hearing checked?

The rest of the day was uneventful. We're still running out of food at home and I'm really scraping to make it work. Just a few more days until we leave for New Hampshire!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dinner Out

Yesterday during my lunch break I had planned to run 3 miles but I accidentally set the treadmill for 30 minutes. I didn't realize it until about 10 minutes in and I didn't want to stop and then restart the treadmill so I calculated in my head that if I ran through the Cool Down period at my regular pace rather than the cool down pace I might still be able to get the 3 miles in.

And I did. Barely. The last 3 minutes I had to run at a 10:00 pace - but I did it - and I didn't fall off or die! 

Since hubby and I are going out of town for the weekend to attend a wedding - we didn't do any grocery shopping this past weekend. We're trying to just eat up the food we have and it's getting tough for my work snacks and lunches. We're out of string cheese, almonds and now greek yogurt. I may have to make a little stop to pick up some of these "essentials-to-me" before the end of the week. Besides, these foods can travel with me in the cooler for our road trip.

I had a Living Social deal for Ruby Tuesday's that we had to use by last night so I told hubby I'd take him to dinner. When we finished our dinner I went to pull the deal up from the app on my phone and I suddenly couldn't find it. I had hubby look through all of my deals too and it wasn't anywhere! Hubby ended up paying for the dinner and joked with me about the Living Social probably not even existing. I swear it did though.

I looked at the menu ahead of time and went with the Petite Sirloin, the salad bar and the sweet potato fries. I also had a skinny mojito - which I got carded for! The waiter looked at my ID and his eyes almost popped out of his head at my age. I will never get tired of being carded in my 40s.

Monday, June 2, 2014

End of School Year Festivities

First of all - Yay! I finally got my "13.1" magnet for my car!! 

The teens had their 8th grade dance last week. Of course I had to take some pre-dance pictures before I dropped them off.

I can't believe he's now taller than me!

Mini me with her lil hand on her lil hip.

And then what happens when you let a 14 year old boy take the pictures? He doesn't stop! Outtakes - 

After I dropped the teens off at the dance I came home and got a workout in. I ran 1 mile for my #rwrunstreak and then I walked 1 mile.

When I returned to pick the teens up I discovered mini-me had taken her hair down for the dance. I can't believe how grown up they're getting. 

Thursday I got in a 2 mile treadmill run for my #rwrunstreak

Friday I ran a treadmill 5K during my lunch break

And I came home to my PINK FitBit Flex band - FINALLY - after 11 weeks of it being on backorder!

Think they used a big enough box?
Saturday morning mini-me and I were up extra early for her track meet. 

Double fisting it in the bleachers

Sunburn anyone? That's what 11 hours in the sun will do. 

I am still so NOT a track mom. I much prefer soccer. Soccer games are 60-75 minutes. Track meets last FOREVER!

I got mini-me to the field at 7:30am. The meet started at 9am. Her first event was around 11am, her 2nd event was around 2pm. Then I went home to pick up my son (one hour round-trip) to bring him to the meet for some fresh air. Mini-me's 3rd event wasn't until 6:30 and then for her 4th event - we found out a little after 7:30 that she wasn't going to have to run the relay because one of the other girls had already left. You think? 12 hours at the track? Ugh! Nothing else got done that day.


My one mile #rwrunstreak run at 8:40pm.

Sunday morning I woke up and got my nails done and then came home and got my workout in - a one mile run, a Bikini Body Mommy leg workout and then 1/2 of the P90X3 Warrior workout. I wasn't able to get through the whole thing though. Next time I attempt that workout I'll have to make it the only or the 1st workout I do.

Sunday afternoon mini-me had her last soccer game. You would think my calendar would open up a little bit - but no - my son wants to take tennis lessons so I'll look into that for him for this summer.

Speaking of summer - here's my new lock screen.

In the evening I pulled out my summer clothes. Ummmm... I tried on my pants from last summer and only about half of them fit comfortably in the waist - muffin top anyone?

So.... here we go. I definitely need to take off this belly weight. I refuse to buy any new summer clothes. I'm going to focus on eliminating the white carbs and increasing my exercise.

I joined my friends Challenge group to run 100 miles between 6/2-7/2 so hopefully that will help me on my way to getting back in ALL of my summer clothes from last year.