Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Say What?

Yesterday morning I had a Dr appointment to have my ears checked out. I have very narrow ear canals and have to go annually to get them cleaned out and looked at.

Since I had some time in the morning before the appointment I decided to get in my scheduled 4 mile run. I could have run outside but my development is pretty small so that would have meant running around in circles quite a few times. Instead I hopped on the ole treadmill and watched an episode of Parenthood in my dvr.

Good thing it was called a "4 Mile Easy Run" because I was SLOW... I guess 4 miles may be a little much for me to do 1st thing in the morning before any coffee, food or water.  

Not even my Super Mom headband could give me energy

At the ear Dr they decided to give me a base-line hearing test - you know - since I'm getting older they said I should have one on file. How crazy is it that last night I got carded to order a drink and then not even 12 hours later I'm having my hearing checked?

The rest of the day was uneventful. We're still running out of food at home and I'm really scraping to make it work. Just a few more days until we leave for New Hampshire!

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