Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Middle School Graduation

This summer is going by so fast! I keep thinking of blog posts and ideas - sometimes I even actually begin a draft - but then I get so busy I forget to go back to edit and get it posted.

I'm going to challenge myself to get rid of all of the drafts in my folder over the next few weeks so I can get my blog caught up in semi-chronological order! 

So... going back to June...

My teens' middle school graduation took place. 

Aren't they sharp?

Proud mama moment

Proud step dad moment

Me and mini-me

He was pretty done with all the pictures

Okay.... he agreed to one last one

I thought I would cry at the ceremony but I didn't. The ceremony was extremely long though - too long in my opinion for a middle school graduation. They had performers AND guest speakers - it lasted over 3 hours!

It was almost 10pm when we finally got back to our car - too late for a graduation dinner. So the next day I let the teens sleep in while I went to work for a half-day. I took them to Red Robin for a celebratory graduation lunch. I couldn't resist the bottomless fries but I did order my burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Baby steps...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teen Summer Camp Success

I thought I'd share these pictures of success. I call them success because both teens were knocked out asleep on the 15 minute drive home from their first day of Teen Summer Camp on Monday. Money well spent to have them so tired out from physical activity during the summer rather than just sitting around playing on their electronic devices. 

My hubby left on Monday afternoon for Germany for the week. He was excited to have the whole row to himself for the whole 8 hour flight. 

I barely managed to get in my #workitout100 workout that day. I slacked off most of the afternoon/evening by reading blogs and getting my Bloglovin feed all caught up. I'm going to have to narrow down my subscribe list soon. There are just too many blogs I follow and not enough time to read them all in. 

I did a short Tara Stiles beginner's yoga workout before bed which again proved to myself just how inflexible I am. 

What? You don't do yoga in your pj's?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

I love the Timehop App. It helps me remembers goodies like this one that I had posted on my Facebook page 3 years ago:

I wrapped up my Runners World runstreak on July 4th before we headed out for the day. That makes 40 days in a row that I ran at least one mile! Second and final year for me for that challenge. It feels great to have accomplished it - but it is really a struggle for me and my knees to run every single day for 40 days straight. 

For the 4th hubby and I went and picked up my bestie to surprise our old boss at the annual barbecue he thows at his house in West Virginia. He had sent out a mass text message earlier in the week about the party so I called my bestie and suggested we just show up and surprise him. We hadn't seen him in probably 3 years or so! He was the best boss I've ever had but he's moved on to doing his own thing and I'm really happy for him. He was so surprised and happy to see us! Best surprise I've pulled off this year!

Saturday afternoon hubby and I were driving up to Delaware to visit his parents so I got in a morning workout. Even though my runstreak challenge is done - my workitout100 challenge still continues. Saturday was Day 43 in a row that I have done some sort of physical activity.

I did a Fitness Blender HIIT workout and then walked one mile on the treadmill. The Fitness Blender workout was awesome!  I was so sore the next day. I love when I can feel that I'm working different muscles.

After I got all showered up we headed out to see the 'rents-in-laws

Aren't they the cutest?

When we returned home that evening hubby and I proceeded to have our own little party. 

His and hers

We sat on the back deck drinking and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was quite the challenge for me after my late night shenanigans. I wasn't so much hungover as I was just purely exhausted from my weekend.

I barely managed to get in a workout. I was searching through You Tube to find the shortest arms workout I could find because my legs and abs were so sore from Saturdays HIIT workout.

I happened upon this 11 minute workout and that's all I managed for the day.

The teens came back home last night from vacation with their dad. Today they start teen summer camp and hubby leaves this afternoon for Germany for the week. Teen summer camp is the craziest thing though - they don't offer before or after care like they did when the kids were younger. 

The camp hours are from 8:30am-4pm. This week I'll really only be working from about 10am-2pm each day. Yes it is a little inconvenient but my job is pretty flexible when it comes to kid-related stuff. I don't want the teens just sitting around the house ALL summer so I have them in camp for 2 of the 5 weeks they're with us this summer. This week they're going bowling, mini golfing, to a splash park, to Six Flags and having a picnic. 

This is bound to be a crazy hectic week for me. But once I get through it - hubby and I leave for VACATION next Monday! I can't wait!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Where the heck does the time go? It's been one whole month since I posted on my lil blog and yet so much happened during the month of June.

I think I'll recap some of the June events each day as I post the current July events.

Unbelievably hubby is STILL sleeping right now (he always wakes up earlier than me on the weekends) so I figured I'd use a few minutes to update the ole bloggy while I drink my coffee.

During the month of June I stayed active with my workouts. Keeping up with the Runners World Run Streak ensured that which in turn helped me to keep up with my #workitout100 challenge during the month.   

I also enjoyed adding in some FitStar workouts from the app on my phone and some Jessica Smith You Tube workouts. It's so convenient while I'm working out at the gym during my lunch break to run a mile and then do a few more minutes of another workout. I have to keep variety in my workouts or I get easily bored.

As seen on my morning commute

The weather finally warmed up enough for me to get my first pedicure of the season!

I joined a local running group and ordered a t-shirt (to be revealed later). The running group meets SO early in the morning though that I just haven't been able to participate in any running meet-ups yet. I've been participating on their Facebook group challenges though.  

And there was a Five Guys indulgence involved early in June. Oh those fries... with the malt vinegar sprinkled on them... yummmmmm....  

Today for the 4th we may go to my former boss' house for a barbecue he's having. I haven't seen him in years and he sent us a text invite earlier this week so I may surprise him by showing up. He lives 2 hours away in West Virginia so it will be a long day for us if we do end up going.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!