Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Hampshire Road Trip

Yesterday was an interesting mail day. Instead of the normal sale ads and magazines - yes I still subscribe to actual magazines. I don't like to read magazine articles on my tablet for some reason - I prefer a real magazine for my work commutes. But in yesterday's mail I received a Jury Duty notice for September and then we also received a wedding invitation for October.

The wedding invitation is for one of hubby's ex-coworkers who within this year has quit his job, bought a house with his girlfriend in New Hampshire, moved up there, and proposed to her. They are getting married in October. This October. On a Friday. At 4:30 in the afternoon. I have my Army 10-Miler Race that same weekend on that Sunday. We have been to 2 other weddings this summer that we knew of far in advance. I have the rest of my vacation days pretty planned out for the rest of the year. I told hubby that if a group of the guys wanted to make it into a road trip and go up there my feelings wouldn't be hurt.

I'm all for saving money when planning a wedding but I think a Friday wedding can be tough for those people who have to travel out of state. Especially when it's not for a relative or a very close friend.

Also - the last time we travelled to New Hampshire for a wedding we had quite the adventure!

Our friend was getting married back in June on a Saturday. We took Friday off for the drive up. The drive was going to be about 9 hours.

But then heading into New York we happened upon THIS: 

The police cruiser in the picture was in the toll lane right next to us. Hubby stopped to ask the officer if he was okay. He replied yes and then hubby proceeded to tell the officer to "hop in". The police officer got in the back seat of our car, hubby turned on his hazards, and we drove the officer across the bridge - keeping him in the police chase. Afterwards hubby approached the command center to inquire if the officer was okay since he had been in the accident. The officer's supervisor ended up talking to hubby and thanked him for helping out and took down his drivers license info and cell phone number. Little did we know there would be a lot more to come of this!

The rest of the trip took longer than we expected since we got detoured off the GW Bridge. We ended up having to take some state route that had construction going on and it took FOREVER!

The hotel we stayed at did have a buffet included - but not many healthy choices.  

Little elevator humor

I did manage to get a hotel workout in - 2.5 mile run and a FitStar Chest and Core Workout.

Hubby relaxing in the sun

Only picture of US we took at the wedding

Nothing like the hotel smoke alarms going off early in the morning.
Turns out someone burned their toast.

Rest Stop Selfie on the drive home

We had a great time at the wedding seeing our old friends and meeting new people. The drive home was unadventurous compared to the drive up. I would love to go back and spend some more time in New Hampshire - just not this October for another wedding!

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