Thursday, September 11, 2014

One More Sleep

Tomorrow my hubby will be home from his 3 week work trip that was out of the country. I am so excited for him to be back on American soil again but I am even more excited to have him home with me again.

My husband is my best friend and I always miss him when we are apart but this trip has been the longest we've been apart since his last deployment over a year ago.

My kids kept me busy and entertained while they were with me but because I have joint custody with my ex-husband and the way the calendar fell - I ended up being home by myself quite a bit.

There are so many little and big things I've missed about my husband. The number one thing is that every night he makes me laugh before I fall asleep. I'm not fond of the dark so it's been hard for me to fall sleep each night because I'm always hearing some kind of noise.

Some of the other things I have missed about my husband (in no particular order)

  • Our evening conversations. Each night after work we usually sit down together and recap our work day to each other.
  • Cooking and eating dinner together.
  • Watching mindless TV together. We can sit and watch episode after episode of "Cops" together. I'm really glad he's back before our favorite show "Scandal" comes back on.
  • Watching football together. Even though he's a Ravens fan and I'm a Seahawks (and a Redskins fan) - we always watch Sunday football together. In the past we've even set 2 tvs side by side so that we could each watch our respective games but yet be in the same room as one another.
  • Grocery shopping together. Yes we're weird - we like to grocery shop together.
  • Training runs together. Although we don't run "together" side by side - we drive to the base and run our own separate routes - occasionally even passing each other before meeting back up at the car at a specified time.
  • He actually cleans. Yes, I got me a rare one! He does laundry, cleans bathrooms, vacuums, mops... he does it all. I on the other hand don't really care for those things but only do them when they HAVE to be done. So yes - keeping up with all the housework on my own has been quite challenging for me. 
  • My car hasn't been washed since he's been gone. My husband loves clean cars - his and mine. We have a monthly membership at a car wash for unlimited car washes. At least once a weekend hubby will take my car to be washed. He's going to cringe when he sees my car. 
  • "Date Nights". Once or twice a month hubby and I will plan a date night. It's been over 3 weeks since we've had one of those. 
  • Holding hands, hugs and kisses. Hubby and I are both affectionate people. We hold hands when we walk, we kiss each other hi and goodbye each day and he gives the best hugs when I really need one. I can't wait to do all 3 when I see him!
  • Hearing him tell me every day that he loves me. Over the past 3 weeks we've been able to Facetime 2 or 3 times but for the most part it has been emails and iMessages. I miss hearing his voice telling me that he loves me.
  • Looking into his blue eyes. Hubby has the most beautiful blue eyes and I love looking into them when we're talking. It's just not the same through FaceTime.
  • Just being silly together. Hubby and I have the best time together. We can joke and be silly with each other and I just plain ole' have missed that over these past 3 weeks.
There are so many other things I miss about my hubby but these are just some of the things off the top of my head.

I truly respect the work my husband does on a daily basis. I love that about him - his commitment to this country - but I am ready for him to be home with me for a little while now. I'll still share him with my country - but can we do it within the United States for the next little while? Please and thank you.