Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some New to Me Eats

Funny how I just posted yesterday that I wasn't going to only post about health and fitness and that's exactly what today's post is going to be about.

I tried this new-to-me Chobani Oats yogurt. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never even tried overnight oats but this was really good. It was definitely more yogurt-y than oat-y. If you have food texture issues this may not be for you. I would definitely buy it again and now I'm actually inspired to try making my own at home. 

When I got home from work I changed out of my work clothes right away and put on my workout clothes. I'm going really strong this time around with my #workitout100 Challenge. I am on Day 31 in a row of working out. This is my 3rd attempt - and the furthest I've gotten with this challenge and I am determined to complete all 100 days. Who knows - maybe after 100 days I'll try for their 365 day challenge! 

Last night's workout was from my favorite fitness duo over at FitnessBlender. They have put together a 5 Day Challenge and last night I was on Day 3 which was HIIT (or you could choose the modified cardio version) and Abs. The entire workout was 52 minutes. I wanted to quit at about 20 minutes but I pushed through and was very proud of myself for doing so. I really felt like I had an awesome workout when I was finished. 

After my workout I needed to figure out my dinner situation. I was flying solo with hubby still out of the country and the teens at their dad's so I knew I could experiment a little more than usual. I had been staring at this big of farro in my pantry for weeks and figured this would be as good of time as any to cook it. There was a recipe on the side of the bag that I pretty much followed except I substituted a sweet potato for the apple that the recipe called for. I don't know - there was just something about an apple in a recipe with onion and sausage that didn't appeal to me. The entire cooking time was a little longer than I expected but it was worth it. I suspect my substitution of the sweet potato for the apple is what took a little longer for everything to cook. I did really like the taste of the farro - so much so that I would find myself eating little spoonfuls straight out of the pot while I waited for the onion and sweet potato mixture to finish cooking.    

Ooops - onion not pictured

I should have measured out my serving - but I didn't. I had a bowlful and then that was so good I helped myself to a second bowl. That's my problem with not tracking my food. When I track my food I do a better job of controlling myself and my portions. When I don't track my food - well... overeating occurs.

Back to MyFitness Pal I go.

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  1. First what the heck is farro? Lol

    Second I haven't even seen that chobani, looks yummy!

    Live fitness blender workouts! You have to try that cardio kickboxing one I told you about on Instagram