Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 09.12 to 09.14

Friday morning while getting ready for work I received a phone call from hubby. He wouldn't be home that night as expected - he was being delayed one more day and wouldn't be home until Saturday night. I was disappointed but just glad that he was safe and would still be coming home for part of the weekend.

The only workout I did for Friday was suggested by my friend Analisa. I only lasted about 15 minutes through it though. I posted this picture on my Instagram:

Day 34 of my #workitout100

to which she commented that she had thrown up when she had done it! lol I think I would have thrown up too IF I would have been able to complete the whole thing.

Saturday morning I woke up and drove into DC for packet pick-up for the Navy 5 Miler race on Sunday. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to run it though since hubby would be coming in late Saturday evening but I still wanted my t-shirt since I had paid for it with my registration.

Packet pick-up was at Nationals Stadium. The line was so long and for part of the time we were stuck waiting in line outside in the rain! Pretty frustrating. 

I had bought an Amtrak ticket to Philly on Saturday morning so I could surprise hubby at the airport and drive him the 2 hours back home because I knew he would be exhausted from traveling 20 hours. (Hubby works in Delaware and they all had to fly out as a group - his flights had to go through Philly instead of our closest airport in Baltimore because Philly is the closest airport to his job.) 

Day 35 of my #workitout100 was the walking around the airport
I did waiting on hubby's flight to arrive

I felt like such a big girl - buying a one-way spur-of-the-moment train ticket to a city I had never been to, taking the train on my own and then cabbing it to the airport.

I arrived at the airport about an hour before his flight arrived. I had baggage claim all scoped out and the perfect hiding spot behind a pay phone. Unfortunately he came down a different escalator than I had expected and he got his luggage and was on his way to the car while I was still "hiding". Luckily I had texted him asking if he had his luggage yet and he replied that he did and was now searching for his car. I freaked out momentarily with thoughts of getting left in the Philly airport so I had to call him and let him know "I'm here! Surprise!" via the phone.

Even though my surprise didn't go as I had planned - he was still really surprised to see me and very grateful that he didn't have to drive himself the 2 hours home because he was exhausted.

Since we got back home so late and hubby's time clock was still on Germany time, I passed on getting up early and running the Navy 5 Miler. Instead I ran my own 5 miler at the base while hubby went to get his haircut and do the grocery shopping!      

#workitout100 Day 36

The weather was awesome for my run! It was still in the high 60s. I am definitely a colder weather runner. I HATE running in the heat. The cold - I don't mind so much.

After my run I met up with hubby at the commissary and from there we had to go to a real grocery store for produce. I've had too many bad experiences with produce being/going bad from the commissary. But everything else is a really great deal there. 

We got home in time to watch football. I can't believe my Redskins WON and my Seahawks LOST. I felt like I was in an alternate NFL universe. Hubby put some bacon cheddar filled burgers on the grill for us for lunch. The burgers were so big that we stayed too full to eat the meat loaf I had cooked for Sunday dinner since the teens would be back from their dad's house. They said it was good though. So at least tonight's dinner is already taken care of.

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  1. I forget how hard that workout is! But even 15 minutes is a great workout!

    That was so sweet that you surprised your husband! How long have you guys been married?