Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy October

It's been over two weeks since my last blog post. Nice.

Since my last post I have been keeping up with my #workitout100 challenge. I'm on Day 53 so far. Some days I was only able to include my FitBit steps as that day's activity and some days I did actually take plain ole rest days.

I had a birthday on Sunday. I turned 46 - which now makes me closer to 50 than to 40 so that was an interesting reality for me. Turning 40 felt fabulous. Turning 46 was kind of meh... But wait until the 50th though - I'm going to throw myself a blow-out for that one.

My running hasn't been coming along as I would have liked. My left knee has been giving me issues lately. I think it's the darn ballet flats I've been wearing on the weekends trying to look cute.

The Army 10 Miler is in 10 days and I don't know how I'm going to get through it. The longest distance I've run since my half marathon in April was the 6 miles I ran a week and a half ago. And then after the 10 miler I foolishly signed up for another half - in November - reasoning with myself that since I was training to run 10 miles in October - surely I could do 13.1 miles in November. Oh silly me.

This month I downloaded Blogilates' paid app. I'm going to try to follow October's complete schedule as closely as I can. I know that if I want to see changes in my body I really need to switch things up. Obviously the running thing is not helping me lose any weight. I also rejoined Weight Watchers On Line. My Fitness Pal wasn't giving me results counting calories so now I'm going to give another try to counting points. 

Last week we bought the plane tickets to travel home to Seattle for Christmas and I really would like to be 10 pounds lighter by then - not only for vanity's sake but also so I can fit comfortably back into my winter clothes. I refuse to buy any pants the next size up so I have got to get it together with slimming down this booty and this waistline!

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  1. Happy late Birthday!! You don't even look 46!
    Send me some motivation please....I just can't find it lol but you will fit in your winter clothes as hard as you work:)

    What does the blogilates app have on it?