Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weight Watchers Works

Yesterday's weigh-in had me down .4 pounds for the week which is amazing considering I was up almost 2 lbs on Monday after my birthday weekend festivities. That's the thing I like about Weight Watchers - I can have my splurges and still stay within the plan. As long as I record every bite and stay within my points I feel like I can have success with Weight Watchers. This time around I am consciously making better food decisions   Plus this time I'm recording my FitBit steps for Activity Points. 

Yesterday we had an office lunch and I looked at the menu on-line before we went. I knew that a salad or the salmon would be my best bet. And I stuck with it - I had the salmon and asparagus. I REALLY wanted a burger but I knew we were having pizza for dinner so I wanted to balance it out. 

Tonight we went to Uno's for dinner. I really indulged but I tracked every point. Let's just say I used almost all of my weeklies. I've got a lot of activity points to earn over the next 4 days!

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