Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...There's Always Tomorrow

I haven't posted in FOREVER - okay really - I haven't posted since the end of October. One reason I haven't posted is lack of time. I struggle with trying to make a consistent effort to update my blog on a regular basis. But it may not so much be figuring out the time to do it - but maybe because it is the lack of progress I feel I am making.

I feel like I had the working out part under control for awhile. I was running regularly and cross training in between run days. But then I started having issues with my knee so I cut back on the running. And then for some reason I cut back on the cross training days too.

I honestly have just never had my eating and drinking under control. I have tried tracking with MyFitness Pal for years and I'm back on Weight Watchers (again). But I never really hold myself accountable with consistent tracking. If I have a "bad" meal - I don't track it. Or if I have a "cheat day" - I definitely don't track it. I know I can't keep slacking on the nutrition part of my plan and think that I am going to lose weight. All of the extra calories I consume and not track, accompanied with my dwindling workouts are slowly catching up to me.

Sunday night (November 30th) I had a whole new workout plan for December mapped out for myself and I swore I was going to track all of my food. Monday morning rolled around and I was too sleepy to get up and do a morning workout, I worked through my lunch break, I ate a croissant at lunch with the healthy meal I packed, and then I got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home from work so hubby ordered pizza and I poured myself a drink when I walked through the door. No workout. No foods tracked. Happy December 1st to me.

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