Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last week of 2015

2015 seriously flew by. Here we are in the final stretch. I haven't made any New Years Resolutions in awhile but I have been thinking of a lifestyle goal for myself.

I want to be more organized in 2016. I am a self-professed professional procrastinator which leads to me feeling scattered, undisciplined and even rushed at times.  I tend to try to get too much done at once a lot of times instead of focusing on one thing at a time.

My first step towards reaching my goal is to start hitting the "Unsubscribe" button to a lot of my current incoming emails. I find myself wasting a lot of time looking at sale ads and reading various health/fashion/fitness articles. I hate when my inbox has a lot of unread messages so by mid-day or before bedtime I tend to stop whatever I'm doing and start "clearing" it out by reading emails.

The second step I need to do is plan my days out better and schedule in adequate time frames to get tasks completed. I tend to under estimate how long an activity truly takes me to complete. Last year's Day Planner style didn't work for me so I'm hoping a new style will help.

The third step I'm going to have to enforce with myself is to schedule my social media time (Instagram/FaceBook/Twitter). Social media can be a huge time suck for me. I need to start being more disciplined with the amount of time I spend on social media - maybe to the point of scheduling it into my day AFTER all my other tasks are completed.   

These are just some random thoughts I have as 2015 closes out. How well I do on reaching my goal is basically up to me and I'm determined to be successful at getting myself more organized for 2016!

Speaking of back on track - I stepped on my scale yesterday morning.

Unfortunately I was 3 pounds up from my last weigh-in on December 18. I joined Weight Watchers on October 23. I had lost 6.4 pounds before my family reunion cruise the week of Thanksgiving. I gained back 3.6 pounds on the cruise and then Weight Watchers changed their plan from Points Plus to Smart Points. 

I haven't really tracked my food since my last weigh-in and I haven't worked out much either. Food and drinks have been abundant for me this holiday season I must admit. It's time to reel myself back in and start tracking my food again before I gain back all of the weight that I had lost.

Fridays are my normal weigh-in day at Weight Watchers and with Christmas being last Friday and New Years Day being this Friday my center will be closed on my weigh-in day. I could have gone and weighed in at another center the day before or the day after at another center closer to my house but I didn't. Instead I enjoyed those days with my family to include shopping with my twin teens and traveling out of town to visit my in-laws. 

I will be back at Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in on Friday January 8th. That gives me 10 days to attempt to take off these 3 pounds of holiday weight gain!

We didn't make it to the grocery store this past weekend so this is what I grabbed to bring into work for breakfast yesterday:   

I ran out at lunchtime with a co-worker friend and grabbed a salad from Chop't. I confess that in no way was it healthy though. I admit - I was starving so I ordered with my stomach rather than my brain. I ordered the Cobb salad with ranch dressing. Of course there were healthier options but I never make the right choice when I'm starving - it's almost like I tell myself that since I'm so hungry it's okay to eat whatever I want.  

My food downfall continued when I got home from work. I was starving again and proceeded to stand over the cookie jar, eating Christmas cookies and talking to my husband about each of our work days while I shoved cookies into my mouth. (See the pattern here? I get too hungry and I lose my self-control.)

After I lost count of how many cookies I had eaten I decided to at least get on the treadmill for a bit. Unfortunately my left knee was giving me a little problem and I had to dig out my knee brace and walk slowly. I walked 10 minutes before dinner and a little over 30 minutes after dinner. 

It's definitely time for me to get back into a fitness routine - I'm starting half marathon training again in January! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

September Stuff

Wow do these months fly by!

I can't believe it has been two months since I last posted. I seem to be getting WORSE at this blogging thing.

September was another whirlwind.

We made a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings where the boys acted like goofs and the girls were just normal. 

Hubby bought a new-to-him sports car that the twin teens made themselves comfortable in.

I brought the teens to their friend's grave site. His headstone had finally been placed so we brought flowers and I let them spend some time there. Teen suicide is such a terrible thing. 

Hubby got the itch to plant some fall flowers. I absolutely do not have a green thumb so I'm glad he's good with this stuff. I like how they look at home but I'm awful at remembering to water them.

We helped the kids get some of their volunteer hours towards high school graduation competed by volunteering at the Air Show. The four of us worked a cheese steak stand. It was really busy and really tiring but it was also fun working together all day.  

Traveling to work each day from Maryland into DC has been quite the experience lately - and not in a good way. A transformer caught on fire at one of the metro train stations and ever since then it has been slow going trying to get to and from work each day.

The day the Pope came to the White House our office closed. It was nice to lounge around the house by myself on a random Wednesday.

My birthday was in September. This year we didn't travel for my birthday but I had a lot of fun.

Friday night we went to Bobby McKeys Dueling Piano Bar 

Saturday night we went to casino. Hubby gave me some money and I won a nice lil' sum!

So Sunday afternoon we went SHOPPING!

Why is it so expensive to eat healthy at the mall?

I bought 10 - that's right TEN new pairs of boots for the fall and winter. I typically LIVE in boots from October through April so I love that I'll have a variety this year rather than wearing the same couple of pairs over and over.

My actual birthday was on Monday and hubby got home from work before me and put out balloons on the lamppost in front of our house. He's such a sweetie!

That pretty much wraps up my September. Maybe I can get an update on October posted soon so I can get this here ole' blog current!

Friday, September 4, 2015

What a Wasted Week

Just like that - I fell off the workout wagon. Again.

I managed to lose 1 pound when I weighed in this morning but it's most likely just water weight.

I only did one workout this week - and that was on Tuesday morning. I haven't even hit my step goal of 10K steps per day at all this week. I haven't even come close. I haven't even tried.

This week I just wasn't prepared which then made me feel unmotivated and scattered all week. I didn't meal prep for the week on Sunday afternoon which I should have done - so that made dinner time each night behind schedule. Then after I'd eat dinner - late - I would feel too sleepy/too full/too lazy to get off the couch and do a workout. So I did nothing. All week. 

Yes this was the 1st week back at the school-year routine for me and the teens. And yes I pretty much failed at it. But this morning I made the final deposit on our cruise and that gives me 11 more weeks to get myself back on track - and that's what I plan to do! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Last Days of Summer

I can't believe summer has come to an end so soon.

It's almost time to cover up the toes with socks and boots so I made sure to get a fun color while it's still sandal season.

For the last month of summer...


Spent more time at Target than I wanted to - getting myself and the teens ready for back-to-school.

Did some indoor reading while hubby was at the pool. Some days it was just too hot outside for me!

Continued with my workouts. 

I tried out some Sparkpeople workouts

Tried a couple of new-to-me recipes.

Orange Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry from The Six O'Clock Scramble

Skinny Mexican Stuffed Shells from Skinny Mom

Read a new book.

Had to work 1/2 days for one week to get my mini-me to and from summer high school soccer practice. 

HOT outdoor walk

Tried out a new workout series - it was just okay

Still switching it up with my workouts

Jessica Smith and a slow treadmill walk

More Slow Steps on the Treadmill

Started Jillian Michael's Body Revolution 12 Week Program

More Jillian

And more Jillian

Afternoon walk with hubby

Soccer tournament seflies

Someone is not amused

Took the teens to my college alma mater to watch a women's soccer game.

The teens went back to school

I lost a lil weight - but it's just the weight I had gained the previous weeks

And then September started - my birthday month - and the emails for free stuff started coming in!

This week I'm getting myself readjusted to the back-to-school schedule with the teens (last week for their official 1st week they were at their dad's house) and trying to keep up with my workouts, soccer and work. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Doctor Day

Tuesday I took the day off from work because I had two Dr's appointments scheduled for myself and then the kids' yearly physicals scheduled for the afternoon.

I started the day with a quick Jessica Smith fasted cardio workout

After my workout I had time to quickly eat a protein bar and jump in the shower.

My first appointment was with the eye Dr. Good news - my left eye got BETTER! My contact lens for my left eye isn't as strong now as my last prescription!

When I got out of that appointment at 11:30 I was starving! I went over to Wegman's hot bar and instead of healthy choices I let my starvation pick what to eat - womp womp.  

Oh you know - just sitting in the pediatrician's office

While scrolling through Instagram at the pediatrician's office I was tagged to - stop, drop and plank. There was no way I was getting on the floor at the pediatrician's office so this was the best I could manage. 

Yesterday I was running SUPER late for work so I didn't pack a lunch to bring with me. Instead I had to shell out $10 for a salad in downtown Washington, DC. Not only was the salad overpriced - but I wasn't paying attention when they started pouring the salad dressing on and I ended up with a BIG OLE ranch-drenched salad. Don't get me wrong - it was good - just not healthy, like a salad ought to be.

I did redeem myself a little bit for dinner with a beef stew I had cooked in the crockpot on Sunday. It was another Hungry Girl recipe. I was a little hesitant at first because the previous two nights we had eaten Hungry Girl recipes for dinner and they just weren't too flavorful. This one (the Fajita-rific Beef Stew) was surprisingly delicious. Hubby said it was a keeper! I did add a sweet potato and only added 2 cans of the beef broth instead of 32 oz. - I didn't want it to be too soup-like.

After we digested our food a bit hubby went on a walk with me through the neighborhood so I could make my 10K steps for the day. 

I tried to go to sleep after our walk but I didn't feel sleepy. I tossed and turned for about 30 minutes before I took a melatonin. Unfortunately that meant I wasn't able to wake up early as I had planned to for a morning workout so I will have to squeeze it in later today.

Monday, August 10, 2015

My streak ended

I hate that I can't complete this #workitout100 Challenge. I've been starting and stopping it for over a year now. The further along in days I get, the worse it hurts when I stop. I got up to Day 37 this time around and then just.stopped.working.out. 

For 3 days.

Last Tuesday was my last workout - and that was only a one mile leisurely walk after the "Night Out" event at Ft. Meade. Hubby and I went with mini-me. My son was busy finishing up his summer reading project which was due the next day.

When I dropped off his project at the school the next morning - this was right next to the office. I'm hoping they get this all cleared up before the students go back in 2 weeks!

Wednesday night the kids' dad kept them overnight so hubby and I had an impromptu date night. We went to the casino and dinner and stayed out way later than we usually do but we had a blast!

The next morning I didn't have such a great time trying to get into work. The metro had an early morning derailment and it of course was on the line that I take. There was no way around it - I was going to have to drive into DC which I HATE doing!

I waited until after rush hour so that commute was smooth. Coming home was awful though - it took me 2 hours to get home! The traffic is insane. I don't know how people do it each day. PLUS parking in my garage at work cost me $20 for the day!

Yes I needed GPS to get me out of the city!

Fortunately the next day metro was running semi-normal so I didn't have to drive again. I was able to sit back, in my normal metro delays and start reading a new book.

The kids agreed to go running with us on Saturday - IF we went in the afternoon - because they're teens and all they like to do is sleep their mornings away.

I don't like running in the heat but I did it for the children. They ran their 1 mile, I ran 2 miles and then I walked another mile around a track that hubby was running around doing intervals. He ended up doing about 4 miles.

The good thing is - my #workitout100 challenge streak began again 

#workitout100 Day 1

Hubby must have been feeling adventurous because after our run he volunteered to start showing the kids some basic driving.

I on the other hand am not as adventurous and chose to sit in a gazebo and observe from the sidelines ie. out of the car.

Sunday I squeezed in a 20 minute Jessica Smith strength training workout followed by 10 minutes of a FitStar App Abs workout.

#workitout100 Day 2

I actually meal planned and power cooked for the week so hubby and I will be eating nice and healthy dinners for the week.

Last night I made a Spinach Artichoke Chicken recipe from Hungry Girl. It was an old recipe that I had printed off awhile ago. When I tried to link to it I realized she had taken it off of her website and now it's in one of her books.

Basically this is the before:

I doubled the recipe and it took almost twice the time to cook so we ended up eating dinner really late.

The chicken was good but there was just "too much healthiness on the plate" hubby said. (I did serve it with a whole grain/spinach mix.)

Tonight stuffed peppers are on the menu - AFTER my workout!