Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Year So Far

This year I had every intention of blogging more often and so far that hasn't panned out for me.

It may have to do with the fact that I just have a ton going on so far this year.

We're buying our first house together! It's still being built but it should be done in March. We are also downsizing with the new house. Currently we have a pretty big single family home and now we'll be buying a decent size townhouse. We figured that since we currently have entire rooms that are unfurnished and the teens will be headed off to college in less than 4 years that we may as well look for something smaller. Besides - I HATE to clean. Hubby doesn't mind it so much - but the house we're currently in is a lot for him to keep up with. Hubby has been doing a good job with sorting through his miscellaneous boxes in the basement, but I need to get started with my stuff - sorting, donating, throwing out, etc. all to get ready for PACKING!

Hubby got a new job! He doesn't start until May 1st so in the meantime he's taking classes two times a week in the evening.

Then there are the teens and the normal stuff that I do to keep them fed, clothed, entertained, you know... the usual.

All this while trying to take off the last of these holiday pounds I've put on.

I reset my weight on MyFitness Pal to my post-holiday weight (which also happens to be my highest ever weight) so that I can get an accurate weight loss total for the year.

I swear I've slowly put on more and more weight since my last birthday in September. I hate to admit but I think some of it has to do with my age and hormones which also seems to make it even harder to take off. This year I really need to experiment with my diet I think. I have the exercising thing pretty much under control - it's my darn willpower and trigger foods that are my downfall.

And on a final note - last week I got to hang out with these ladies. We've been friends for almost 30 years!

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  1. First of all yay for the house! Is hubby's new job a better one?
    Your birthday is in September? No wonder we are kindred spirits lol
    You've been kicking butt with workouts lately!! Good job!