Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

My favorite metro ride of the week is the Friday afternoon ride home when I know that I do not have to get on that thing again for two whole days!

I started reading a new book with my Nook app. I'm about past due for a GOOD crime novel - hope this one fits the bill!

When I got home hubby was already there waiting on me with these:

I'm so adamant about sticking with Weight Watchers better this time around that I only drank about half of one of the bottles - and I weighed in counted the Points. I was saving my WW Points for date night on Saturday.

I'm loving this app right now:

Hubby is a big-time snorer! Sometimes I end up having to leave the room in the middle of the night - but this app has been helping lately. I put one ear bud on, the other ear to the pillow, turn up the volume, and I can sleep like a baby!

Saturday morning the 1st stop of my day was getting my car washed. With all the snow & ice we kept getting over the past month or so I hadn't taken the time to get my car a good bathing so she was definitely past due.

After the car wash we had to go to our old rental home for the final walk through - all the hours of cleaning we did paid off - we got a perfect checklist! Except for the windows. Who knew you were supposed to clean the windows before you move out of a place? Evidently that's what our landlord had in the lease so the realtor said hubby could go by today and finish those off and she wouldn't count it against us.

After the inspection we came home and I took a nap and then purtied up my hair for date night with hubby. We had decided to do something laid back for date night since we had been so focused on "the move" for so long. We went bowling, drank beer, ate junk food, and it was perfect.

My highest score ever - 165!!

Date night photo

Sunday morning we went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a few things before we hit up the commissary for groceries. At the mall I made a pretty sensible lunch choice:

Maybe there is something to be said for actually following the WW Plan - I can indulge when I want to and then reign myself back in to balance it out. Tracking consistently really did help keep me balanced over the weekend which is usually my downfall.

Friday, March 27, 2015

My Class Pass Fail

I had done some reading about Class Pass and when it was finally offered in my area I was eager to try it. Basically for a $99 monthly fee you can take as many classes as you want at participating exercise studios. I felt like I was especially lucky because I work in DC and live near Baltimore so I would be able to take advantage of both markets.

Unfortunately for me the 1st month I had Class Pass we also had a lot of snow and ice so I didn't go out much for workouts. Within the 1st 30 days I only ended up taking one yoga class.

The 2nd month I've had this Class Pass I haven't been able to coordinate my times properly. There is a 12 hour cancellation period otherwise you get "fined" $15. Well - due to traffic I missed one class and had to cancel at the last minute. The 2nd class I missed did not having parking nearby and the area I was able to find parking in was kind of sketchy so I cancelled the class just minutes before start time again.

So now that I have paid $228 and only attended one class make me feel sick to think about. For that reason alone I went ahead and cancelled my Class Pass effective April 10th so I might be able to squeeze in another class or two. 

For me it's seems easier to work out at home on my own schedule or to pay for classes as I take them.

I'm sure Class Pass is a great value for a lot of people - but for this full-time working mom with a 90 minute commute each way - I just can't make the class times work for me.

On a happier note note - my first full week back on Weight Watchers I lost 3.6 pounds!

I know a lot of it is water weight but I can't help but to be motivated at seeing some downward movement on the scale for a change! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Years Ago Today...

I started this blog 3 years ago today. I must say I'm really not very consistent with updating it. I always tell myself I want to post more often but then I don't follow through. The other day hubby found a box labeled "Vanessa's childhood mementos". It's still at our old house right now so I haven't had a chance to go through it - but he said it was so cool to read all the details I kept in my journals. And that's when it hit me - I miss journaling.

This blog started off as my way of documenting my fitness journey but I have my ups and downs with that journey and then the blogging stops.

I want to instead focus on my life journey and document the happenings around me so I can look back and my kids can look back at where I've been and how I got to where I am.

So with that being said - here's the drive by version of my "happenings" since my blog post almost 30 days ago:

I tried a beginner's yoga class.   

The teacher was awesome and I really liked the class. But then 2 days afterwards I woke up with my right wrist in excruciating pain which I blame on having to hold up my body weight in various poses. 

My boss took us out to a fancy lunch and I didn't overdo it.

I tried one of those fancy healthy-for-you juices and I didn't like it. It smelled and tasted like grass to me. 

Hubby and I browsed around for some new furniture for our new house but didn't buy any yet. Let's focus on getting all these boxes unpacked first!

We packed up and moved out of our rental into a house we bought! The only thing I do miss about the rental was my huge closet that I totally had filled. Now I have a regular sized closet and I'm practically bursting out of it.

We moved two weeks ago and we're probably about 65% unpacked. I'd say all the essentials are done - kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms. Now we have all the miscellaneous boxes and the garage to get through!

Can't let a month pass without hitting up Chipotle at least once!

The weather finally got nice enough to take the teens mini golfing. I lost. I'm totally out of practice from being cooped up in the house all winter.

And then our post mini golf fro-yo tradition continued.

This was one of my favorite pictures for the past month - hubby and mini-me twinning it up! 

I need to get back into planning and organizing. Between work and home I'm staying too busy to even plan out what's going to happen next or better yet - what SHOULD be happening next! I'm pretty overwhelmed by everything on my plate right now and lots of stuff keep falling through the cracks.

I had my first item off of Panera's "secret" menu. It was pretty good. Filling - and that's what counts right now for me. I restarted Weight Watchers last so it's back to counting points for me.

Moving forward I'll still post about any happenings related to my fitness journey. I'm even toying with the idea of doing a variety of different workout dvds and youtube workout dvds to review - and also because I keep getting bored with my workouts.

Who knows where the next year (or month) of blogging will take me but I am looking forward to popping over here more often!