Friday, March 27, 2015

My Class Pass Fail

I had done some reading about Class Pass and when it was finally offered in my area I was eager to try it. Basically for a $99 monthly fee you can take as many classes as you want at participating exercise studios. I felt like I was especially lucky because I work in DC and live near Baltimore so I would be able to take advantage of both markets.

Unfortunately for me the 1st month I had Class Pass we also had a lot of snow and ice so I didn't go out much for workouts. Within the 1st 30 days I only ended up taking one yoga class.

The 2nd month I've had this Class Pass I haven't been able to coordinate my times properly. There is a 12 hour cancellation period otherwise you get "fined" $15. Well - due to traffic I missed one class and had to cancel at the last minute. The 2nd class I missed did not having parking nearby and the area I was able to find parking in was kind of sketchy so I cancelled the class just minutes before start time again.

So now that I have paid $228 and only attended one class make me feel sick to think about. For that reason alone I went ahead and cancelled my Class Pass effective April 10th so I might be able to squeeze in another class or two. 

For me it's seems easier to work out at home on my own schedule or to pay for classes as I take them.

I'm sure Class Pass is a great value for a lot of people - but for this full-time working mom with a 90 minute commute each way - I just can't make the class times work for me.

On a happier note note - my first full week back on Weight Watchers I lost 3.6 pounds!

I know a lot of it is water weight but I can't help but to be motivated at seeing some downward movement on the scale for a change! 

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  1. 228$ Ouch! But yay on the 3.6 punds, water weight or not!