Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

My favorite metro ride of the week is the Friday afternoon ride home when I know that I do not have to get on that thing again for two whole days!

I started reading a new book with my Nook app. I'm about past due for a GOOD crime novel - hope this one fits the bill!

When I got home hubby was already there waiting on me with these:

I'm so adamant about sticking with Weight Watchers better this time around that I only drank about half of one of the bottles - and I weighed in counted the Points. I was saving my WW Points for date night on Saturday.

I'm loving this app right now:

Hubby is a big-time snorer! Sometimes I end up having to leave the room in the middle of the night - but this app has been helping lately. I put one ear bud on, the other ear to the pillow, turn up the volume, and I can sleep like a baby!

Saturday morning the 1st stop of my day was getting my car washed. With all the snow & ice we kept getting over the past month or so I hadn't taken the time to get my car a good bathing so she was definitely past due.

After the car wash we had to go to our old rental home for the final walk through - all the hours of cleaning we did paid off - we got a perfect checklist! Except for the windows. Who knew you were supposed to clean the windows before you move out of a place? Evidently that's what our landlord had in the lease so the realtor said hubby could go by today and finish those off and she wouldn't count it against us.

After the inspection we came home and I took a nap and then purtied up my hair for date night with hubby. We had decided to do something laid back for date night since we had been so focused on "the move" for so long. We went bowling, drank beer, ate junk food, and it was perfect.

My highest score ever - 165!!

Date night photo

Sunday morning we went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a few things before we hit up the commissary for groceries. At the mall I made a pretty sensible lunch choice:

Maybe there is something to be said for actually following the WW Plan - I can indulge when I want to and then reign myself back in to balance it out. Tracking consistently really did help keep me balanced over the weekend which is usually my downfall.

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