Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The last time I blogged it was a Weekend Wrap-Up post on Monday March 30th. Today is more like a Month End Wrap Up seeing as I haven't posted anything since then. 

Let's catch up. During the month of April...

  • Easter came

Easter treats for the teens, hubby and me care of the in-laws

  • I tried to eat a little more healthy
Boring carry out - marinara, grilled chicken, spinach and pasta

  • I finished using all of the Spinning classes on the gift card hubby gave me for Christmas

  • We had a family dinner out at The Olive Garden after we saw Fast and Furious 7. (I shared an entree with mini-me since their servings are so huge.)

  • The teens went on Spring Break with their dad this year

  • I exerted some self control and ONLY ate chocolate on Easter Day. After that I threw it all away so I wouldn't be tempted.

  • The weather finally started getting nice - no more snow/ice/freezing temperatures! I ate lunch on the rooftop of my office building.

  • I've been enjoying pretty flowers for Spring both at home and at work

  • I made sure I went to my annual lady exam

  • I've been struggling with my hair. It's getting so long and I'm in desperate need of a haircut but I also need to find a new hairdresser and that's never an easy thing.

  • I've made some pretty decent choices when I had to buy lunch at work.

  • I went with hubby to pick out some flowers to plant at our new house. (He planted. I admired.)

  • Hubby took me on a surprise date. He told me to wear a dress and that's all I knew in advance.

  • THIS was the main surprise - he rented a limo to drive us into DC to have dinner at a nice steakhouse.

  • We went to our 1st Orioles game of the season. It just happened to be FREEZING cold that day but we still had fun.

Who knew they watered the grass right before a baseball game

  • I earned a couple of new FitBit badges

  • We ran our 1st 5K of the year. It was pretty rough for me - it was the 1st time I had run outside since December and the 1st run of 3 miles I had done since then too.

  • I had a little girl time with mini-me

  • I exercised some self-control and only filled my frozen yogurt cup halfway!

  • I found a dress and purse for the military ball. Now I just need to find some shoes!

  • I ordered these cute lil shoes for walking around this Spring/Summer

  • I had to take care of some car stuff - oil change, fuel injection, state inspection

  • Ahhhh.... iced coffee

  • I enjoyed a lettuce wrapped burger at Red Robin with the teens

  • I ran outside - again. 2nd outdoor run of the year!

May is looking to be another busy month. Hopefully I can squeeze in some consistent blogging time!

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