Friday, September 4, 2015

What a Wasted Week

Just like that - I fell off the workout wagon. Again.

I managed to lose 1 pound when I weighed in this morning but it's most likely just water weight.

I only did one workout this week - and that was on Tuesday morning. I haven't even hit my step goal of 10K steps per day at all this week. I haven't even come close. I haven't even tried.

This week I just wasn't prepared which then made me feel unmotivated and scattered all week. I didn't meal prep for the week on Sunday afternoon which I should have done - so that made dinner time each night behind schedule. Then after I'd eat dinner - late - I would feel too sleepy/too full/too lazy to get off the couch and do a workout. So I did nothing. All week. 

Yes this was the 1st week back at the school-year routine for me and the teens. And yes I pretty much failed at it. But this morning I made the final deposit on our cruise and that gives me 11 more weeks to get myself back on track - and that's what I plan to do! 

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