Thursday, November 5, 2015

September Stuff

Wow do these months fly by!

I can't believe it has been two months since I last posted. I seem to be getting WORSE at this blogging thing.

September was another whirlwind.

We made a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings where the boys acted like goofs and the girls were just normal. 

Hubby bought a new-to-him sports car that the twin teens made themselves comfortable in.

I brought the teens to their friend's grave site. His headstone had finally been placed so we brought flowers and I let them spend some time there. Teen suicide is such a terrible thing. 

Hubby got the itch to plant some fall flowers. I absolutely do not have a green thumb so I'm glad he's good with this stuff. I like how they look at home but I'm awful at remembering to water them.

We helped the kids get some of their volunteer hours towards high school graduation competed by volunteering at the Air Show. The four of us worked a cheese steak stand. It was really busy and really tiring but it was also fun working together all day.  

Traveling to work each day from Maryland into DC has been quite the experience lately - and not in a good way. A transformer caught on fire at one of the metro train stations and ever since then it has been slow going trying to get to and from work each day.

The day the Pope came to the White House our office closed. It was nice to lounge around the house by myself on a random Wednesday.

My birthday was in September. This year we didn't travel for my birthday but I had a lot of fun.

Friday night we went to Bobby McKeys Dueling Piano Bar 

Saturday night we went to casino. Hubby gave me some money and I won a nice lil' sum!

So Sunday afternoon we went SHOPPING!

Why is it so expensive to eat healthy at the mall?

I bought 10 - that's right TEN new pairs of boots for the fall and winter. I typically LIVE in boots from October through April so I love that I'll have a variety this year rather than wearing the same couple of pairs over and over.

My actual birthday was on Monday and hubby got home from work before me and put out balloons on the lamppost in front of our house. He's such a sweetie!

That pretty much wraps up my September. Maybe I can get an update on October posted soon so I can get this here ole' blog current!

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  1. Umm it's November lol 10 pairs?? You crazy! I had to dig my boots out of storage yesterday...I'm sick of wearing pants!