Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blizzard of 2016

About 2 weeks ago the Washington, DC area got hit with a huge snowstorm. We were snowed in our development for two days and missed three days of work while they tried to get the streets cleared and the metro transit up and running completely.

When we did finally get out I had to bring my baby boy to the Dr. He had been having a nasty cough for over a week. At least it wasn't anything too serious - just an upper respiratory infection and pink eye - in both eyes. Poor baby.

Hubby and I were able to cure our cabin fever one evening while the teens were at their dad's house. We paid a visit to the casino and I won $500!! Plus I'm still going strong on my working out challenges and 10K steps challenges.

The first day back at work after the snowstorm my boss ordered us Jimmy John's for lunch. I went with an unwich  - a sandwich wrapped in lettuce. It definitely makes it more point friendly although it can get messy to eat at the end.

Still walking...

Last weekend hubby and I got our taxes done. This is the earliest I've ever done them. I guess buying a new house can be a good incentive to file and get that refund!!

After getting our taxes done we went out to dinner. We tried a new local restaurant. Unfortunately it didn't live up to our expectations. The crab dip appetizer only came with a small loaf of bread. When we asked for a second piece it took so long to get to us we had finished the dip using the tortilla chips from hubby's chili.

I ordered the surf & turf. The crab cake was awful and it was burned and full of filler and dry. The steak was DELICIOUS though as was the broccoli. The baked potato was so cold the butter wouldn't even melt.

My baby girl is growing up. She's been asking to get her eyebrows waxed. I was in my 20s before I even started waxing my brows.

I earned a new FitBit badge. It had been awhile since my last one. 

This past Friday was my Weight Watchers weigh-in. I was pretty nervous about showing a loss so I ate a really light breakfast

I passed on wearing my normal jeans for casual Friday and instead chose to wear a dress and tights

And then this happened!!

I hope this doesn't mean I have to wear the same dress every Friday now in order to not show a gain.

Saturday was the typical day of errands and running the teens around. This guy had to wake up early for play rehearsal and fell asleep on the drive home still holding his box of fries.

Mini me had a fashion show to go to with her grandmother Saturday morning. She is growing up so fast!

Grilled chicken nuggets and a fruit cup for my Chick-Fil-A lunch

And.... I'm still stepping on...

Standing in line shenanigans with the hubby. That's NOT his hat or glasses - he just put them on to goof off while we waited in the longest Old Navy line ever!

We had another dinner out last night. Weekend eating out is rough for me. I haven't got the hang of actually ordering healthy when we go out to eat. We started with a sampler appetizer and then I ate an order of fish and chips.

The waitress had written nicknames for each of us on our crab bibs. I love these 3!

Now it's time for me to get up off my booty and get my day started. It's SuperBowl Sunday! Since my team isn't in it I'll be routing for Denver because - Peyton - but I think North Carolina is such a dominant team that they're going to be the winners. If it's a complete blow out at halftime I will just watch through the halftime show and call it a night!

Have a great day!

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