Thursday, July 21, 2016

Working It Out

It's time to add variety back into my workouts again. All I seem to be doing is mostly walking to try to maintain my FitBit10Ksteps streak. I've hit 10K FitBit steps every day this year so today will make Day 203!

Lately I've done most of my walking on the treadmill at home in the evenings. For awhile one of the two treadmills at work was broken. How did this even happen? 

Occasionally I've done some Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith walk at home dvds to help with getting in my steps.

I've been so dedicated to my FitBit I even upgraded to the new FitBit Blaze as a treat to myself.

I tried an introductory indoor surfing class. It was fun but tough because my balance really needs work. I'm a little scared to take an actual class but I should make it a goal to at least try it once.  

I've been kickboxing a couple of times but nearly as many times as I should considering they charge my bank account every month no matter how many times I do go.

Picture with the owners of the kickboxing gym

I had resumed outdoor running again for a few weeks between the few weeks that it was really cold and then before it got really hot. I need to start running regularly again - preferably outside - because hubby and I have quite a few races coming up in the next couple of months that we have already paid for. One of them I may have to defer until next year because it's a 12 miler at the beginning of September and I don't think I can be ready by then.

I tried a "Fitness Over 40" class with my ClassPass membership. It was a nice, small class. I'm not even sure why I haven't been back but I need to check out their schedule again. I've scaled my ClassPass membership back to just 3 classes per month until I can get motivated again to try new workouts.

I hit my 100 Days straight of working out goal back in April.

I am still continuing to workout but my "workouts" have gotten pretty lame. For the most part they're just late night walks on the treadmill. I need to explore some fun, new-to-me workouts to get back my motivation - like this Sproing class I took in May.

This past Monday I hit 200 days in a row of working out to include getting 10K steps. 

The most measurable things I've noticed from 200 days straight of physical activity are that my legs are more toned and my knees don't hurt after I run which is a very big deal for me.

The next 100+ days I definitely want to mix up my workouts more. I want to at least use my 3 ClassPass workouts each month, go boxing at least 2 times a week and start running again. 

There - I typed it so now hopefully I'll do it!

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