Friday, August 19, 2016

6 Week Countdown

In less than 6 weeks I will be having another birthday. I'm creeping closer and closer to 50 years old. 

I'm feeling and looking a little fluffy so it's definitely time to start adding some strength training to my workouts and clean up my eating. I tend to lose focus with consistently tracking my foods with any app that I use so I'm going to try out photo documenting for awhile.  

Yesterday's breakfast at work


Lunch I brought from home - crockpot beef, couscous and Brussels sprouts

Afternoon chocolate treat - care of the office candy jar

Prepping dinner = 2 cheese sticks cut-up and a serving of pretzel crisps

And then this happened... I was starving while I was cooking and dipped into hubby's mini donuts

Dinner finally served - porkchop, tater tots and veggies

Late dinner = late workout

Workout complete!

It wasn't an ideal day, but it wasn't a terrible day either. It's done and it's tracked! 

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