Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Plan

My last blog post was titled "6 Week Countdown" and it was all about how I was feeling fluffy and determined to get some weight off.

Well... that didn't happen.

I did hire a running coach to help me train and get through all the races I've registered and paid for through the end of the year. I still have not incorporated enough strength training into my workout schedule though. I cancelled my ClassPass membership because I just wasn't able to make it to the scheduled classes. I bought a 5 pack of Barre classes that I need to use by the end of the year. I still have my 9Round membership that I need to start using more often and a membership at the women's gym I never use but really should!

I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership effective October 22 (I was a couple of days too late to have it effective 9/22). I started going to WW meetings 10/23/15 and to date I have only lost 7.6 lbs. A few times I almost hit the 10 pounds lost milestone - but I just never quite got there. My weight has gone up and then down, up and then down at each weigh-in. I have struggled with Weight Watchers since they rolled out the new Smart Points plan last winter. I know the reason I struggle with it so much is because a lot of the "treats" I enjoyed in the past on the old plan now have a lot more points so then when I eat these foods I just stop tracking. Pretty counter productive on my part, huh? The actual WW meetings honestly have not been as useful for me either so I haven't made it a priority to go to them lately. Starting tomorrow the 23rd (my WW weigh-in and new points day) I am going to try to follow the WW Smart Points plan for the last 30 days that I am a WW member. After the 30 days I'll reevaluate if I want to join again as an on-line only member or if I want to go back to the old Points Plus plan using an app that I've downloaded.


  1. I am thinking of joining weight watchers, I am struggling with my weight. And it honestly is because I have been eating too many treats and really not working out enough. We just have to keep making positive changes!

    1. You're so right! If I would give Weight Watchers 100% commitment I would probably be successful.