Wednesday, March 22, 2017

South Beach Days 22 and 23

 Monday, March 20 (Day 22)

The day started off with an early morning 30 minute treadmill walk.

Breakfast was homemade egg salad on a sandwich thin and some tomatoes.

Leftovers for lunch

Farro and brussel sprouts


Dinner - I did have one of hubby's Red Lobster biscuits that he had made

Tuesday, March 21 (Day 23)

Instead of egg salad for lunch I melted 2 slices of ultra thin cheddar cheese on a Sandwich thin and sliced one egg and one egg white. Tomatoes again accompanying it because on South Beach fruit should not be consumed at breakfast.

Snack time

Leftovers for lunch

Afternoon snack

For dinner I made a tuna cake, green beans and a sweet potato with smart balance light and light sour cream.

Nothing exciting but at least I'm still plugging along as best as I can.

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