Monday, March 6, 2017

South Beach Days 6 and 7

The weekend birthday celebrations for my twins are finally over.

Saturday morning hubby drove my son to rehearsal so I was able to hop on the treadmill and make up my run intervals that had been scheduled for Thursday.

Instead of eating "breakfast" I ate the leftovers of my Cheesecake Factory salad from Friday night.

And then as an afternoon snack I ate some more broccoli and cauliflower tots.

Saturday night while my son was having his birthday dinner celebration with friends - hubby and I took my daughter to dinner at Houlihan's. I had my 2nd cheat meal of the weekend which included a glass of Merlot.   

We shared an order of nachos for an appetizer

For my entree I ordered the scallops over risotto served with baby arugula. 

Even though we were full from dinner we still went over to the frozen yogurt place for a little birthday celebratory dessert since Houlihan's doesn't do birthday celebration songs at the table.

The birthday girl AKA mini-me

WATER: Didn't keep track

WORKOUT: Treadmill running intervals

Sunday morning when I woke up it was 16 degrees outside!! Way to cold for my scheduled run so I camped out on the couch for a little while looking at my Instagram stories and planning some South Beach friendly dinners for the week. 

More eggs/egg whites for breakfast

Once it "warmed up" to 35 degrees I headed out for my run

For lunch I cooked turkey burgers on the foreman grill and topped with cheese (no bun for me - just for the rest of the family members). I also had my new favorites - broccoli and cauliflower tots. When I finally finish these up - I am not buying anymore - they're too addictive!

For dinner hubby just baked some salmon and I ate mine with vegetables. I did also have a glass of red wine.

WATER: I didn't track again - I've got to get better on the weekends with my water tracking.

WORKOUT: Outdoor run - 5.39 miles

Overall I feel good about my weekend choices. I knew I was going to be off plan for both dinners with the teens and I'm okay with that. No regrets. I was happy to be able to enjoy family time and to treat my kids to a nice dinner on their birthday(s). In one more year they will be headed off to college so I'll take as many of these moments as I can get until then.

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