Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekend on (or...off) South Beach (Days 12, 13, 14)

Friday, March 10 (Day 12)

First things first - Friday morning when I got on the scale I had lost another 1.4 pounds - bringing my total for Phase 1 to 3.6 pounds! Weight loss in Phase 2 will slow down as I add back in carbs and fruit but I'm happy with my progress so far.

Friday's meals: 

Breakfast - I mixed a tuna pouch in with eggs, string cheese and baby tomatoes. Strange combination but it wasn't bad.   

For lunch I had a little leftover chili I poured over an Au Bon Pain salad I picked up at lunch. I ordered the 

Southwest Chicken

chicken with no antibiotics, ever, romaine, black beans, roasted corn, fresh avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes & crispy wontons
And then I had them hold the corn and wontons and I added my own dressing when I got back to work. 

"Dinner" - if that's what you want to call it was definitely not on plan.

Hubby and I had gone to the casino and didn't eat anything until about 11pm. By then I had consumed a couple Michelob Ultras and then this happened - 

We split an order of cheese tots and each ate a cheeseburger.

Saturday, March 11 (Day 13)

Saturday hubby and I woke up late so we had to hurry and get dressed and head out to packet pick-up in Baltimore. I grabbed a light string cheese to eat on the 40 minute drive.

Afterwards we stopped at the Wegman's food bar for lunch - probably not the best idea since it was 2:00 and I was starving - but this is what I grabbed:   

A salad to start

A mozzarella stick, 2 wings, sesame chicken, broccoli & mushrooms on fried rice
and a bruschetta portobello mushroom.

My goofy husband

Early evening snack

In the evening we went to the mall for a bit

More goofiness from my hubby

When we were done shopping we stopped at a neighborhood pizza place to order a pizza to bring home. My eating was so off for the day and I was so hungry that I ate the bag of peanuts hubby gave me while we waited for our food.

I may have had 2 slices and 2 more garlic knots.

Sunday, March 12 (Day 14)

I started my Sunday morning with coffee and some meal/grocery planning to get myself back on track for the week.

We had a 5K at 1:15 so I had my normal pre-race fuel of a sandwich thin and peanut butter.

Hubby had a pre-race beer.

It was a great race! It was pretty crowded - with 6K people - and it was freezing cold - but it started off going downhill!!

I felt good and ran the first 1.5 miles straight through. There was a water stop at 1.5 miles so I stopped briefly for water and then took off again. At just past 2.5 miles there was a hill which I ran up but then took a one minute walk break at the top to get my breathing together. At the 3.1 mark I just wanted to be done so I sped up a little bit. I ended up with a 5K pace PR for myself - 11:01!

Check out that 1st mile split!!

We had a post-run beer and then when we got home I ate 2 slices of leftover pizza. I showered and dressed quickly and headed to the grocery store.

Hubby was making a spaghetti mozzarella bake for him and the teens for dinner so I used some of the sauce and a couple of the turkey meatballs and served it over spaghetti squash for myself. 

Later that night while we were watching TV hubby decided to have dessert. He made himself some ice cream and chocolate sauce so I made my own sweet treat. I put a little vanilla extract and cocoa powder in plain Greek yogurt. It wasn't bad and it kept me away from the ice cream!

I'm looking forward to getting back on track this week as I start Phase 2. The 1st week of Phase 2 I get to add one starchy carb and one fruit to my day.

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